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  1. Kojack, er I mean Cojo, Did you not learn anything from Pollywog there skipper? How did he teach you to land in the mountains eh? "you should be pushing the cyclic forward and pulling the aircraft in with collective" pretty hard to hit the tail spring if ya follow those words of wisdom... of course unless you are doing recurrent in yxd and have to stop and get out to pick up spare parts...2 years in a row!!! ah, the older i get all i have to look forward to are my memories and viagra prescription. and remember, vibrating and shaking are two differt things t
  2. ...no fat chicks... the numbers are a little inaccurate with regards to the flight time etc. you must have a canadian nite rating (10 hours)to get a us lic. the faa commercial lic. automatically come with "nite". your us lic. will not say "day vfr only" - there is no such thing. all us commercial pilots are qualified to fly at nite. you do 3 hours of dual instruction (us min.) and a flight test. i did mine in washington. 3 days total including medical. $3,000 usd. (medical fee, test fee, exam fee, jetranger fee etc.) check out chinook in cyxx as previously mentioned an
  3. U need a new helmet, what for? Your head getting bigger? You don't even use the one you got...(helmet that is)
  4. Anyone know what the equipment code is (for an ICAO flight plan) where you have an altitude encoding txpd that transmitts your specific a/c registration (believe it is called mode S txpd)? Am away from the reference bookshelf at this paticular time and place.
  5. you don't have to comply with any of this crap. do you honestly think the guy sitting beside you in the 206 or astar cares if you have a shirt on or not. and the weather was always 1000' when you started the trip. This guy many moons ago ask me how we "grounded" our heli's when in the hanger. I told him we bonded them instead. He said not good enough, I would have to drill holes in my brand new concrete floor and place grounding rods accordingly. I told him there would be a better chance of me drilling another hole in his head first. He left - we still flew for Shell, Husky,
  6. BCFS and AFS are just following the USFS lead. Absolutely nothing wrong with having a "real time" flight following system on board an aircraft. Welcome to the big leagues. Good thing they did not have them back in the 80's. Lot of heli company's would have seen smaller prophit margins.
  7. I have a hard copy letter from Bell hiding in the archives somewhere that states the 206 JetRanger litter door is structural and cannot be remove with rotors in motion. Only seems to make sense.
  8. stirrin' the pot sanchez...gonna get a new nick name if ya keep that up!
  9. what Blackmac said - 100%. if the blades hit and no sudden stoppage was done on the complete power train...the aircraft was returned to service...someone is in a lot of trouble, I would think! Not good...
  10. yea, just don't look up when your flying it!!!
  11. In the previous accident when the aircraft rolled over did the m/r blades hit anything?
  12. I am totally blown away that the aircraft was in an accident and the t/r g/b was not ndt'd and o/h!!!
  13. Great Slave is on the move - look out! Purchased Superior heli to get there 205's...shut down there edmonton base flight school...rumours of big things in YYC...sounds like we might have a new king of the seismic hill!!!
  14. Not a good day - hopefully everyone will be all right!
  15. ah alas poor ole' Hector - my favourite of all the old stories! Well there was that one on Ft Nelson I'm trying to forget!
  16. the experienced pilot is hard to find and in great demand. that's why the company's that pay the best get the best. i dont think the the amount of low time drivers effects wages or tarrif's at all. there is a high percentage of company's that can only employ experienced drivers! even harder is the exceptional engineer!!!
  17. Diamond drills - uck - fond memories of Carrot camp and Lupin lodge - no thanks, no matter what they weigh!
  18. That's what happens when you want to fly the big iron Canook!
  19. As a he/she you have many advantages over one or the other. Biggest problem is not to be taken advantage of by an employer. Know what your worth and stand your ground. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day and know your limits. Big difference being on a 206 doing 2.5 hours a day compared to a 212 doing 8's. Best part of being a he/she is you can have an intellectual conversation with your engineer and get right to the point with regards to trouble shooting and problem solving. A good engineer appreciates the help of a pilot engineer...a lazy, slacker engineer on
  20. I will pass on that technique...especially with a larger helicopter!!!
  21. better than a pole smoker!!! answer you phone it gonna ring in a few seconds!
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