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  1. My personal rule for confined area work regardless of what type of aircraft is simple. If you cannot HOGE you do not commit to any hole or confined area period. vertical takeoff and landing capability should be assured prior to confined area operation. For the 206 it depends on the driver and how smooth you are with the stick. Some individuals can vertical a 206 with 10% torque over IGE hover power required. You will get suckered into the old "well if can just get in there and get rid of some weight i am good to climb back out" guess what - not! the customer never lands you in the right s
  2. I guess building North America's highest ski lift at 13,000' does not really count...cause we dont land! What do you think HBG and VERT X?
  3. Log Book? still have 99 pages left...last entry was 100.7 hours ( first revenus flight) i that not what the cpr's and fr's aere for?
  4. Half a culvert... Now I don't care who ya are, that's funnie right there now... ya all;)
  5. Vibrator, thank goodness you are back! Since you have left these TDG regulations have been getting way outta hand. I could see the problem with Billy Bob but what if it was Angelina??? remember the days when you had to put on the fight reports "tdg flown" So where you hanging your skull wax, er i mean skull cap these days? Sorry buddy!
  6. Yes, just got back from idaho myself...there are some big trees around those parts including oregon and washington. not a good feeling having pine cones touching the skid tubes. 200' line - makes me break out the bifocals.
  7. All good info F. H. Found yourself in some big timber did ya?
  8. ...huh?...you guy's keep track of your hours?...
  9. 407 driver in a plastic fantastic, unreal - and "SHORT LINING" ta boot! good grief, whats this world comming too???
  10. I hear Bell has there 407 permitted and licensed, proper "tips" in place, ready to go for this friday's everest toe in! sounds like they will be the first...
  11. Skeets - call me Buddy! I'll sell my logbook too if ya want!
  12. There are approx 900 commercial charter helicopters in Canada! This does not include military, government, or private use. In other words, 900 that you need a PPC to fly!
  13. I must be old school then where the person asking for the resume is the one doing the hiring. Thanks for the heads up - will have to watch for these headhunters I guess.
  14. Bit of a 180 compared to your first post of this thread no?
  15. 412 driver no worries mate - we all know what you you were refering too! light em up! may the the 99.8% of unpopulated canada make us all some money! we can log em' green or we can log em' black - we just get paid twice to haul charcoal!
  16. To add too SOB's numbers there are les than 900 helicopters in Canada. Do the math!
  17. Stick to the smaller company's. More opportunities and willingness to use a he/she like yourself. Might want to concentrate on one first. Hard to do both productivley when you are just starting out! Best of luck!
  18. Whats the difference between a scotsman and the rolling stones? the stones say "hey you get off a my cloud" and the scotsman say "hey Mcloud get off a my ewe"
  19. ...oh ya well great salve is so **** remote it should be owned by...ah never mind...I can see clearly now the hangover is gone... and don't sign me up for remote then either! as for ol'e rod he will always be greatslave in my mind
  20. ...its hard to loose when your playing with yourself...
  21. Awesome...a drilling company running helicopters - sign me up! :down:
  22. You have to make sure you get a firm start time for the next day (have your engineer there to witness the conversation with forestry) and make sure you have swapped contact numbers, cell phones etc. so there is no misunderstanding. Enjoy your hot shower and clean sheets... Those that want to stay in tents can fill there boots! This is a non event for the bigger aircraft. You never, ever unload your medium until you find out where you are staying for the night...make it your decision.
  23. I find it interesting how many of the recent job postings are asking for "proficient longline" skills in there ad's. Quite a change from 15 - 20 years ago!
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