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  1. Easy way to solve this problem - at the end of the first day on the fire, just ask the fire boss what time he wants you in the air the following morning! Then fill your machine with jet fuel, smile and fly to nearest airport, call a cab and book into a room! Get up the next morning and go to work...simple. There is no way any company is going to let there crews stay in tents when good accommodations are available and push these kind of safety issues. These were the exact words from my operations manager, who stated that $150 dollars in motel rooms, were no big deal for the com
  2. Anybody got a 407 out there that's not busy...
  3. DONT make us westerner's start talkin' REDNECK...remember we have not voted yet whether we want to keep La Belle Province or not!
  4. yes...to all the tree hugger's i say - try wiping your arse with saran wrap!!!
  5. gotta love the ridged rotor system...sure makes me miss the days of C-FDXG.
  6. Anyone know if these things have a bellie hook and what there max and possible load is?
  7. Vibrator the only thing you and I ever disagreed on was who was going to take the BIG GUY on the left! So we all agree to advise the younger group to stay away from "freebee" jobs at this "tour company" :down:
  8. Well you know, the "tart" is only so big!!! That one was for you wood pig!
  9. Good grief... :down: Jesse, believe me when I tell you there are a lot better ways to start! If you are going to put in 12 hour days then you should be getting paid not 'volunteering"! We have all paid our due's in one form or another, and all of us started at the bottom, just like you will. One would think that an entry level position with CHW, Airborne, Highland etc. might be more your style. Good training and proper compensation. I cut my teeth on those exact rocks and mountains you are talking about...I would recommend more than 2 hours of mountain training to play in
  10. So has anyone applied or got one of these jobs yet?
  11. Hey VX, just remember, what takes 8 hours in a 212 only takes five and a half in a 2X5...
  12. All that picture is missing is the longline and drill or log no?
  13. Vibrator, if you don't get it figured out PM me! Will see if we can send you down the right path.
  14. The hourly requirement is QUITE LOW for most of those jobs. If you have a 1000 hours and a heart beat looks like you are qualified for most listed positions. Most jobs posted i have seen in the last two decades... :up:
  15. I cannot believe all the employment opportunities in the last issue of Helicopters and Vertical! Guess that pilot shortage everyone always talks about is starting to be felt at some companies'...and all this time I just thought they were talking about short pilots...
  16. i do believe that 212 had the "f's"...should have been able power wise to fly away on one barrel, with a full load of skier's! will be good to know why they both rolled back - has me puzzled! sounds like the captain did a great job...well done and off to the bar!
  17. that video should win an award... i have been singing the sound track all day. well done. :up:
  18. What 407 driver said - verbatum! section 1 is the law, the performance section is just that - performance reference only! the charts do not know if the wind blowing or not...
  19. I'll take all the help I can get! You are completely correct in what you have said Skully! And I agree! As for the rest of you, I guess AOG and myself are the only one's who have ever had to scrape ice off a machine no? Oh well... Remember, not one of us even knew what icing was until the first time we all encountered it!
  20. Skully, I think u should reread my post in a more "scholarly" manner. Show me in my post where one has broken any rules or regulations! And please direct me in the CAR'S where 40' to 60 ' agl is not permitted during seismic operations for a lot more than just takeoff and landing??? Be pretty hard to fly bags all day at 500' agl no? Your engine failure or governor failure hold no water in this...tell me the disadvantage of being on a 25' line compaired to a 150' line when all this happens? My arctic adventure's were "non rev" in an attempt to locate a downed aircraft and cre
  21. AOG I am going to back you up on this one because i think what you meant was the wx was bad. But to be as efficeint as possible and appease the customer when the vis was a legal half mile you went out to swing bags with a shorter line to stay below the lower ceiling. This was done in a safe manner because you noticed you were picking up some airframe icing - which might be due to the fact that the window defroster was warming up the screen a little, but you landed regularly and shut down to confirm there was no icing on any of the rotor systems. And that the icing on the airframe wa
  22. Hey Treetopper, Could u email me that picture of the snow covered 61 dash. In 20 years of aviation that is one of the most amazing pictures I have seen yet! Gotta be a great story behind that one . Tks.
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