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  1. I just did the Canadian ATP to FAA ATP...super easy to do ..FAA was very impressive ..Transport Canada not so much when trying to get a verification letter.
  2. 412 EP VNE with cargo doors opened asymmetrically is 80 KIAS. VNE with cargo doors in transit or in an unlocked position Is 60 KIAS. VNE with doors symmetrically open or removed is 60 KIAS with Bell Helicopter installed energy attenuating passenger seats(412-706-002). NOTE Asymmetric door configuration is not authorized with energy attenuating seats installed. VNE with doors symmetrically open or removed is 100 KIAS with Bell Helicopter Installed Blanket Interior (412-705-501) or Deluxe Interior (412-705-500). Basic VNE is 140 KIAS from sea level to 3000feet density a
  3. congrats on your new job!!!i was trying to get on but i didn't even get an interview which i thought was a little weird since i have 9000 hrs most of it heavy multi-engine...may i ask did you know anybody there prior??anyways i ended getting on with abu dhabi aviation so i'm quite happy working 6 weeks on 6 weeks off in the middle east,its an adventure for sure...again congr...

  4. unfortunately you thought wrong cook inlet is riddled with offshore platforms...i'm just a helicopter pilot but i would guess that if an accident happened there the west coast of B.C. would be the next florida!!!
  5. Hey Coastal...sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the reality is there is off-shore drilling going on in our backyard on the west coast already...go flying in the gulf of alaska and you will see what i mean...
  6. i saw somebody drop an ambulance once at the nova gold project...wasn't me
  7. does anybody know where to apply for a heli-pilot position with the CCG?
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