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  1. Yup! Was Alpine. Not a leased machine. They own them all.
  2. Hey 3BX2! Don't tease the guys about rotations on the southern bases. It's a myth! Some of the base guys work 250 plus days a year! We do get a schedule for tours away from base but its a free for all after that!
  3. Quitter Quitter Quitter!!!

  4. Hey Dusty. Get off your wallet and buy the one from Eric Bradley. It's the best one out there. later
  5. Hey Phatty phat phat!!

  6. Hey Farmer..... didn't realize you could type... Cya on Sat. :up:
  7. Since we are all in the sharing mode...... Does anyone have longranger, or 407 files in pdf..... thanks...I have 206, 204, 212... thanks, Hoss
  8. Heard a Rumor that the astars where now a two crew environment...and warm weather ops only (-15 temp limit)... :shock:
  9. Thanks for the insight guys. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that this individual has made it through three interviews and check rides....bent some blades and is now employed at a different company beyond his experience and means (500hr flatland vs 1700hr fictional in the rocks).....Is it a fact that all the industry needs is warm bodies not honest, profesional people? How do we prevent log book padding individuals from killing families in one foul swoop? First off this hurts the young guys due to artifically inflated minums eg. 2000 hour mins for B.C. Hydro, but it also insures
  10. Just wondering??? Heard a rumor that an lower time pilot padded his/her logbook to acquire a job and then had an accident/incident. Is that not fraud??? Does the insurance company not investigate this??? Does TC look into this??? Do operators not check on previous experience? Further more how does this individual keep advancing. :shock: :shock:
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