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  1. Old Bull? Have you seen what women look like on the oil patch? Hyl
  2. Hey Steve! I told you there was nothing better then Montreal girls. If you come in the Montreal area, give me a shout Mate! You will be a very welcome guess in my place. I think we've got some catch up to do. Cheers! YLhelico
  3. Hi all! I flew with Alan Cram last month here in Thailand, with CHC. Last I heard Andre was supposed to fly the 212 in Haiti for CHC. And if it is the Dennis Wilson I know, he is currently flying in Myanmar. Good luck with your search, Cheers, HYL
  4. Hey Guys, As it was said before, one of the problem is that there are to many helicopters on the maket. I think this is due to the fact that canadian pilots are to good and that they don t crash often enough. LOL! That's all. LOL! That is why we are fly with 25 + years old helicopters most of the time. HYL
  5. A logo does not make the quality of the company, it is the quality of the company that make the logo. With the sability of the EMS divisionand the good years ahead in the VFR market, CHL will be just fine. Only the future will tell us the truth. -Hyl
  6. Thanks Pitch link for the summary, Mustang was in reality a branch of Heli-Excel from Sept-Iles. It is true that the guy is an agressive businessman, but he is doing well so far. Having flown for them, I can tell you that the company is not as bad as it was said above. My two cents wort, HYL
  7. Hello guys, Just wondering why nobody from the west side of Canada bought Mustang, Venture or AES when they were for sale? HYL
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