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  1. This may be the US vs. CAN again but is pylon rock the same as spike knock?
  2. My $0.02 is that Settling with power is a condition of powered Flight in which the helicopter settles in its own downwash. Also known as Vortex Ring State. Conditions conducive to Settling With Power 1. At least a 300 ft./min. rate of descent 2. High power (20%-100%) with insufficient power to stop the descent 3. Low A/S (less then ETL) In My opinion the keywords are "with insufficient power to stop the descent" because if you are settling into your own downwash but have sufficient power to get out of it, is it really Settling With Power or Vortex Ring State? I s
  3. Thanks for the input. I really want to fly guns because its kind of a one time deal. I just know that the military will only keep me for so long and I want to continue flying in the civilian world. thanks for giving me your opinion on hiring.
  4. Yea I was woundering about that. I know that Longline is a good thing to have as far as the civilian side goes. Thanks for the input
  5. S.S.H I trained in the R22 and R44 Then trained in the Army on the 206B
  6. I am a Military Pilot and am trying to decide what aircraft will benifit me the most after I retire from the Military. My ultimate goal, after the military, is to fly either Logging, fire and rescue, or power line inspections. I enjoy the low level/scout type of missions. If you were looking to hire a ex-military Pilot for this type of job would you choose the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior pilot or the AH-64D Apache pilot? I know this isnt the Military/Coast Guard Forum but I was just looking for Opinions to help me decide. Any Input would be helpful. Tha
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