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  1. http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/wwwdocs/forms/26-0726e_1306-05_e.pdf
  2. And I thought Trump was entertaining...
  3. MEOB: With all due respect, unless you are the one cutting the cheques, this choice should be left to those who do...
  4. The pilot is doing his/her job professionally and safely. Boaters don't know s..t as to what safe is. No rules were broken here. Too many times did I see idiot boaters getting closer and closer to our dip. They increase unnecessary risks as pilots have to look out for those knuckleheads
  5. It sounds like the Airline Pilots (union) have their S&@T together. Good info
  6. Did I miss something? most Gilles posts have been deleted.... Censorship? Pressures? Threats? Woa! big brother is watching.... What's next?
  7. I can not imagine the fixed wing industry being such drama queens like the helicopter one. Some operators requirements is so ridiculous! like these choppers are soooo special! Airlines (fixed wings) have guys with less hours that Phoenix ask for and they are in charge of aircrafts worth 50 times more than an EC135 and more pax! So...next time you step in a 777 or else, ask the pilot if he meets Phoenix requirement.... Yes Darrel...I hear it all..in the name of safety and...good marketing though..people still buy that? time to get down the high horse Skaf
  8. Ok, I'll join the Choir ....Eff you Blow Fan Gleeson! Eff you Heli Zero!
  9. As a Canadian Operator, using those brands, I am not impressed...that makes me worried if/when something happens to my fleet, will I be treated the same way as Skully... Those "suppliers" better step in and settle this "quickly"... Be a man! do the right thing!
  10. don't get your joke strata pilot ...or was it a joke?
  11. Paul I am with you on that one. We all know pilots are multitaskers, yeah right, untill #### hits the fan. Pulots who text while flying are idiots. accidents waiting to happen. More technology is made available and more pilots want those toys. Call me old fashion but our job is about MINIMIZING RISK! anyone arguing with this should stop flying.
  12. No kidding! some clients have ridiculous hours requirements yet they don't mind flying in 40 year old technologies' aircrafts! talk about minimizing risks! I call it HYPOCRISY !
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