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  1. As one of you mentioned, a sheath is very important on the line. I've seen a few in the field without the sheath as well as the electricals hanging very loosely and thats just an accident waiting to happen. I think with the proper sheath on the line it would be great for off-shore applications as well.
  2. 1800 per month and 18 canadian and hour. Thats a joke for any pilot in this age, unless the company paid for your helicopter rating. I know one job I started in 1998 was 2700/mnth and 50/ hr. and then went up at the 1500 hr. mark. I had 1000 or so when I started that job. I am new in the industry as well, and keep wondering why on this forum that you can't get a straight answer on some of these simple questions for younger pilots .With all the senior pilots that are on here all the time, you would think they could share some straight answers instead of the same old lines day in and day out. Ma
  3. There are a few of us in the Calgary area who got good coverage through Standard life, try calling Bob Mcnary at 403 209-4044. I'm not sure if the package that we got is still available but ask what he's got. cheers
  4. Hey: do you wear a visor, because this has a french ring to it. NO NO But **** No, end of discussion.
  5. Great slave has a very good school and they are busy and they hire from there own. Give them a holler, and they are a fun experienced bunch with multiple types and variation in jobs.
  6. I was looking for a little feedback on what some of you might think would be some good questions to ask future employers, if ones looking at a base position, and one has over 1500 hrs mountain work etc...
  7. If you start flying in the States the big operators have medical plans, but most of the small operators will not. The flight testing was definatly more intense than up here, but was good and fair. You have to be well prepared for the ppc. I have heard that the Hawaiian operators are looking for pilots and not just 10,000 hr. pilots any more. If you want to carry a piece like a good yank, look at work in Ak. The Alaskans have the best attitude anywhere in north america. Good luck
  8. Spraying is great and like firehawk said, be the quiet guy/girl who works the hardest and doesn't do the bitching and you'll be the one in the cockpit or boxoffice next. The hours are great and the chemicals aren't a prob, and the flying like all other heli jobs is a blast. Go Alberta ticket and work hard.
  9. It is with sadness that I inform those on the web of the passing of Herman Lorenz. Most of us knew him as 'Herman the German' Of Hi-wood helicopters and that he was of great character. Its always sad when we lose one of the good old boys of the industry and Herman was one of the most unique for sure. He passed away on the 28th after a quick battle with cancer he was 65. We'll all miss ya Herman-Ya Ya Ya!
  10. The 407 is a dream to ski with compared to a B2; Faster ,Stronger and able to hurdle high mountains without an S- turn. :: Not to mention awesome tail authority.
  11. If the hydraulics are swithched off at a high rate of speed say 90 to 100+ knots the astar will have a tendency to roll, much more than a bell product. This is possibly mistaken for the yaw? I didn't catch where the yaw came into the conversation. The Astar also has that crappy servo system that we're all agreed on is a joke and a bad one at that. Also an astar with out the cheeks sucks just as bad as 206 and with the cheeks is slower than 47G!! One question for 407, since it sounds like you lots of experience with both aircraft: what is a better vision machine in poor weather conditions. Ie f
  12. Why can't a team come up with the winning play book. Why wouldn't you pick say a 'Scotty Bowman' over a Pat Quinn. I'm sure they will pick up good drivers for revelstoke, there should be quite a few guys looking who aren't with the Empire. There's the right play book.
  13. I know that vhl let 3 full time pilots go after offering them contract work:just before Christmas here, due to work slowing down. They cut the rates on the other pilots after they had made the larger monthly salaries in the summer, an a low low hourly rate. Thinking that the higher monthly money would help the pilots over the slow months. It seems as though an ax is prefferable to this management team, who is sleeping with the enemy. After talking with a few of the pilots there, they are not even remotly happy with the deal or how there fellow pilots were dealt with.
  14. First post at this site and agree whole heartedly with firehawk and 407. Venture let drivers go and did the big paycut after everybody busted *** all summer and made up for the previous losses. They have a great crew of all western boys and lots of mountain experience and whack in comes that eastern influence and it goes to ****. It should be intersting to see how it all plays out, but it sure is all for the greed factor.
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