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  1. Knew him, worked with him. Very sad. Heart felt condolences to all involved. R.I.P.
  2. Just kidding guys...things are getting tougher to see but not to the point of glasses yet. This has been a very good stream, with lots to consider. Thanks for everyones input.
  3. Hmmm, getting old...can see panel, can see long line....F.O. check the breakers for me. Who needs glasses???
  4. This is an old game and the losers are the ones who give the machines away, then compromise maintenance and ultimately safety. They eventually end up sewering rates and then closing their doors. Just ask any old Northern Mountain crews. There are no winners in this situation. :down:
  5. Thanks Sean, I already had that info. People are saying Luc owns the hole nine yards just lookin for conformation.
  6. Can anyone give us poor old Canucks a straight anwser on this question??? Is HTS an American company with a Canadian division or the other way around???
  7. It would sure be nice to know if their origin is south of the boarder, because Canada is asking for an exemption from the "buy American" program, which might have played a part in this contract.
  8. First of all...If the story about Harvey is true, he was truely a hero (you forgot the part about the child on board that was going to die if they didn't get medical help). I don't see the connection between the ILS in CYFB and a scarey auto in CYUB? Second... if your knowledge of the NWS is so extensive, way make such a B.S. statement to Outwest? You were obviously just been confrontational.
  9. Well, we are all experts here!!! FYI-Iqaluit is a LSS (a logistics center), all flights start and terminate at CYFB. Having an ILS is a god send in such a harsh enviorment. Maybe those in the east should only speak of what we know.
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