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  1. nothing better to do ?

  2. 18 speed ? any comments ? -airtime in journey log -flight time in flight report books , if rotors turning its costing $$$ to the operator , that should be pasted on to the customer. most companies run the 2 line journey logs with flight time ,air time .
  3. well its pretty much always been an industry standard at any of the 15 companies Ive worked at over my lengthy career of over 25 years that rotors turning the meters running ,thats flight time , air time is skids up to skids down always has been always should be . why do people have to make a mountain out of a ant hill . and as far as logging the flight time in your personal book ya go ahead it may mean getting that next job and meeting the customers min hours of requirements , but be warned a good employer will look at that and decide hire or not hire , put on this job or
  4. only heard good things , seem to be working lots this spring not many others are , and if you can get your foot in the door with any helicopter company these days then take it . the ground experience you get from most companies is priceless . even from paul their maintenance department very very knowledgeable . alot of experience there . what newbies learn during the first years on the ground can and will safe your but and the company your working for lots of money in the future , so learn grasshopper learn ! unless your polishing truck rims in the prairies of cour
  5. dumb question where is it this year ?
  6. oh dont get me wrong its not all bad working with forestry , I would love to work year round flying with them and have in the past when things were booming , there is a lot of respect for what the pilot has to say as for when to go and where to land ect , but its just the few that like to push the I am god and if I think you should be able to land there or sling this or whatever , well company "A" did this same load last week or 2 days ago , well ya humm I got a B2 and he had a B3 or whatever ,,,, yes every province has its plus and negs they alll have their
  7. I got the book from john at jkennedy@shaw.ca well worth the $40 and was very refreshing , very good job , very well ilistrated as well , broke down into something anyone can understand and absorb . I wish more people would be willing to pass along their knowledge ,
  8. hmmm where to start , they know their business and enough of yours to tell you when to go for fuel , how much you should be able to carry for the machine you are flying , if the winds are too strong or not , if you should be able to land on that mountaintop or in that confined area they also know that they can ask your company to replace you if they dont like you . if you dont feel comfortable or think maybe you might be not pushing your personal limits because the LAST GUY DID IT . they dont care they just get the next company to come do it . remember there
  9. found johns book in the helicopters mag he has a number and a address advertised thanks for the pms on the info to find the book its very very interesting reading .
  10. hey looks pretty good , maybe try it some time , cyclic looks too high thou might have to cut a couple inches off ,,,,,,,, can we still do that ?????? hahahahahaaha just kidding . but seriously pretty cool . good for you hope it works well for you . H
  11. anyone know where a person could purchase John`s book , I hear its worth buying , a very good read. thanks
  12. is the grass greener over there ? if your working in the industry , hang on to what you got , a little longer , every company is the same , its what you get out of it , and put into it ,
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