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  1. It is interesting to read all the Foreflight and other tablet feedback here but I too am curious if anyone knows a way to allow my Macbook Air to recognize my Garmin 495. Is there a conversion kit or workaround to change the USB 3.0 into a 2.0 so it can "communicate" with and recognize the garmin?
  2. Thanks. It was crazy time that's for sure.... How is the flying going?

  3. Nice pic Stevo.... :) Nook

  4. Love the profile pic Rob. :) Chinook

  5. Make sure to click on the pics to see them properly - way better than just the thumbnails.... Looks like a miniature upside-down Chewbacca... I guess he just missed his cockpit days
  6. I had an excellent experience at my flight school and had (and continue to have) a positive relationship with them so I was pretty surprised that I received almost no leads for possible jobs from them when I was walking away with my license in hand. Before commencing, I'd been led to believe that most (if not all) former graduates had industry jobs. This was a huge exaggeration and I know of only a handful of my fellow 'graduates' who are actually flying in the industry 5 years on. Basic brain skills and smooth hands are essential during (and after) training but your sheer will to fly and inability to give up even facing great odds with no money, big debt and backstabbers everywhere will be what ensures you actually get to use your CHPL...and your armour. And 5 years on, things are looking pretty good and I can avoid most of the shady characters now....
  7. Rest in Peace Matthew. And may his family and friends know that many people like me - from all across the flying family whether we knew Matt or not (and I don't but I know friends who did) - send our hearts and thoughts out to them.
  8. Booo. You should put up a pic

  9. Thinking positive thoughts for Wayne and Linda. Chinook
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