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  1. Very sad news. Condolences to the families and gsh crews.
  2. ECP

    why are the guys leaving?

  3. GSH like most companies sees that the work is slowing down and has decided to be proactive and downsize. Not a nice thing for everyone getting the notice but hopefully it will be short term. I work for them and they are a fair company, good crews, excellent maintenance and training is probably the best in the industry. Plus management stands behind the pilots decisions and there is no pressure . The lack of junior mining companies raising capital on the stock market , plus the lack of our government to settle land claim issues is killing the mining industry. The fact that some operators
  4. we are having problems with our VEMD giving false over limit indications. Gong is going off numerous times before screen indicates overlimit in either NG or NR. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
  5. Hey Doug: I'm coming down to the HAI, which holiday inn are you staying at. Bart man and the wife are coming also......
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