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  1. http://www.globalnews.ca/video/2772194/chilliwack-airport-businesses
  2. I hope this isn't breaking the rules. The chilliwack airport tenants have started a website outlining the struggles at the airport. We are looking for support from everyone. Please forward this link to friends and family. Everyone at this airport stands to lose their buildings/businesses etc. Www.saveycw.com
  3. Ministers Delegate Ron Stroble #12, 53412 RR 272 Spruce Grove AB T7X 3N2 CANADA phone 780-962-6633 email rstrobl@telusplanet.net Straight from the 'minister's delegates maintenance search' Hopefully that helps
  4. I thought about that for the 703 ops... but most of the time... when you are flying doors off, you are flying under the 702 aerial work... 702 doesn't have a requirement for w&B ammendments for 'every operational configuration" then you can use 571 appx C for the 'temporary removal/modification'. But then it also depends what your Ops manual says in the W&B control section. Just my take on it.
  5. You want to see a 'real government' circle jerk... Check these emails out. I started off emailing James M Flaherty Minister of Finance.. From: ME Sent: To: ITBTaxQuestions SBR:EX Subject: BC training Tax Credit I'm just writing about the BC training Tax Credit Program, and how it applies to apprentices. I am wondering about the apprenticeship trade "Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M" This apprenticeship trade is under the control of Transport Canada. This apprenticeship entails schooling, on the job training, and exams, in order to be licenced in Canada as An Aircraft Maintenance
  6. Zep is what we are using now... Seems really good. Turned a gungy white vertical fin almost back to its original white. stopped us having to repaint it till next season
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