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  1. I have to agree with you Corey, and also take the same stand as Bob, as the only thing Fred did not ask for was your licence number, seems more like someone involved with TC and looking to add some job security to there job title. Regulate what they know NOT what they don't !!!! But hey what do I know I am only a multi country licenced commercial helicopter pilot. Cheers Shawn
  2. My condolences to all involved. Sad to hear. Condolences to family, friends and the people at helifor. Hw
  3. Condelences and sorrow to the family and friends and to the employees at Bailey as they deal /cope with this loss. RIP to all. Shawn
  4. This is a wasted post WTF, are you all that lame that we have to look postes' to make the unemployeed feel better and have to be-little a fellow Helo Pilot Shawn
  5. So sad, May thou's in need find the comfort they need. Thoughts are with you all. Gods Speed Shawn
  6. Forgot to give you my email swcorn@telus.net

  7. I am interest

    Do you still have it

    am in the bush for probably another week

    Shawn Cornthwaite

  8. What did your CP give you some homework P5, and you cannot figure out the answer(s), and are hoping that someone else will do it for you :prop:
  9. P5 So whats the Kweebeck version of Princess Aut... "Thought you were all up and in Africa"
  10. Hey P5 Instead of blowing smoke do some research Chinook has 206's, a new 44 IFR capabilties, aswell as the 47's
  11. Why shouldn’t they, ( The RCMP ) be scrutinized, are they NOT Pilots flying the EC120??? Is there or should there be a double standard in the industry. We, all now it was an improper maneuver, and if it where someone else you can guarantee that there would be a full on investigation. As a past paramedic that has done rescues’ and saved lives via a helicopter, we always had the patients best interests in mind. Ie. Proper handling and packaging for “TRANSPORT”. For the what ifs!!! 10 seconds for a seatbelt Just my two cents
  12. Condolences to you all at the Crane, and to Chuck's family, and friends. And yes a speedy recovery to Dave, aswell. As you said Bob Godspeed
  13. Heard a bit of a coversation about a A/C going down south of ValDor Quebec today, anyone now if it is true and if everyone is OK Cadors is not listing anything yet??
  14. I am at a loss canam??????? Maybe you can guide me to an outlet where I can go and write my FAA ROTOR-CRAFT written exam here in Canada, and also when and where I can do my flight exam here in Canada, and have it registered with the FAA. I eagerly await your reply HW
  15. Is that because FAA will not LET EXAMINERS come to Canada to do examines as it is NOT OF FAA Standards?????? That is what was told by me in Renton WA, and by my FAA Delegate I deal with"
  16. But Plumber you seem to forget that the Olympcs is a family venue, unlike your HAND SOLO :oops: OPERATION
  17. Small, light, robust, friggin BRIGHT, multple intensities, even an SOS pattern and/or Emerg strobe on certain models. Mine uses lithium CR123A batteries though, quite expensive... lasts a long time though. Go one Ebay search CR123 rechargables they make them in Asia
  18. Emerson it all depends on what you want! If you want slow time security, but being stuck doing maitance then hey self explanatory, as long as you can make it known that your primary goal is to fly and your employer is will to hear you great, just don't fall into a trap of self obligation that you are doing maitance more than flying or the other way around if you prefer to do maitance. Let your goals be known and hopefully it does not fall on deaf ears. Heliwolf
  19. Bushnell also makes one, great for pre and post flights, way too bright for map reading at night
  20. I would hazard to guess it could also have something to do with the native shares in the company.... But that is only a guess, plus it makes more sense to train in the enviroment you will probably be working in as GSH hires a percentage of there students......
  21. Lost me with this one, I have been flying on fires with the old blades
  22. Just go inside and flip the breakers to ALL the exterior plugs, it not called stooping it is actually called theft. Don't know the exact cirrcumstances but if the owner or manager of the Base don't care then so be it. Free Power, if they do care have them disconnect the source. Pretty simple I would think.
  23. Have a Festive Holiday everyone and a Prosperous New Year to all Shawn
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