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  1. With the B3e, it’s impossible to get the 3-rev level low in both hover and full speed because the different RPM. If 3-rev only in descent, check Windshield screws torque as they always get loose. Loose hammer’s blades attachment screws 1 by 1 by 1/4 turn and retorque to standard torque value. It can be the frequency adapter bearings, especially if there’s a big play difference between them. Check play on AVA rod lower bearing with a big flat screwdriver between bolt and spring/weigth. I’ve also found a machine that had an excessive swashplate uniball play causing 3-rev. I assum
  2. half the machines on your listing are not flying yet. It seems that finding serviceable dynamic components isn’t that easy...
  3. I had several Nr overlimit detected few weeks ago(Nr indication ont the gauge was correct). There is no issued flight time for this overlimit, but the pilot had several ''gong song''. The troubleshooting revealed a defective Nr sensor and it's a known issue by ECL and they published a service letter for that. The problem is that the magnetic core of the sensor is coming out of their casing and pulling on the wire, causing false indication/Nr overlimit. It also can cause rubbing on phonic wheel. There's is an SB on the AMM about Nr sensor replacement by a superseded one, but you have to do
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