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  1. And how does one go about applying for hearing aids from WCB? Do you need to be referred to a audiologist by a doctor first? I've really started to notice my hearing loss the last couple of years...
  2. Thanks Cirrus! I've downloaded the latest CAP GEN and ordered the aerocourse book.
  3. Great! Thanks for all the info! I've heard good things about the pro IFR course and aerocourse I just don't know if I can make the time... for now.
  4. Thanks for that... I do have an old cap gen to refer to. Lots of info for sure!
  5. Hi there! I have been looking at the books for studying the INRAT exam. The ones i have found seem mostly geared towards the fixed wing side. What I would like to know is do I have to really know things like high level airspace, pressure setting regions... things that a helicopter would never be a part of. As well are there any good resources for practice inrat-H exams? I have the sharpers edge book but it's mostly geared towards fixed wing. Thanks
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