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  1. Then why do you constantly #### on everyone here standing up for their beliefs? You seem more like a boot licker to be honest.
  2. Any unvaxxed aviators wanna sue the federal govt? Why the #### are we the only people subject to this #### still?
  3. Id have more empathy, except the operators/owners are the ones responsible for what the rates are. In a year where we are seeing massive inflation, your advocating a pay cut? thats insane. If your business isnt profitable, shut it down, be a responsible boomer and just retire already.
  4. Name me 3 positive changes HAC has made in the past decade. Maintaining a glorified phone book doesnt count.
  5. Do you think the aviation industry will ever get a more mature and fact based opinion towards cannabis? Since legalization in 2018, MANY more operators require pre-employment testing than they did pre-legalization. There is a strict no use/zero tolerance approach. However alcohol abuse is wildly accepted in our industry, promoted and celebrated. Yet cannabis use 2-3 weeks before your shift is unallowable and stigmatized. (discrimination) During legalization one of the biggest calls for zero tolerance was the police, and it was tied to the fact they carry loaded weapons and have authorizat
  6. "Pharmaceutical companies don't make money by killing off their customer base." I guess we should mandate smoking now too. What a great and well thought out point to make. As of today the total death count for covid, from the very beginning in Vancouver was 600. In the summer of 2021, 595 people died from the heat wave in Vancouver, most of that was in a 1 week period. Why isnt the govt mandating A/C units, why are they not mandating you stay inside during 35+ ? Something that has the same mortality rate in 1 week vs 100+ weeks. This clearly isnt about health, This
  7. Are we aviators going to be the ONLY bag holders of this unjust mandate? Nurses and health care workers are allowed to work un vaxxed AND covid positive. Gov't made a big oopsie and had no choice but to admit they messed up. Truckers are just saying #### you. I feel like we are a small # of people, and we work in a fragmented industry. Large commercial airlines opposed to small heli companies that work in remote locations. A small group indeed, which is further more split 50/50 in pilot and engineer which are very diff jobs and entail different amounts of exposure to the public
  8. John hopkins lists canada as having a 1.7% mortality rate. So 98%, sorry. Thats inline with my daily risk anaylsis matrix
  9. Yea this 99% survival rate virus is SO bad you have to take a test to know if your sick. Ok
  10. http://globalnews.ca/news/8103817/helicopter-pilot-charge-landing-town-ice-cream-cake/ Suprised it wasnt a fat *** medium pilot lol
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