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  1. Maybe google would be a better way to find out compared to necroing an 11 year old post ....
  2. Take your 60k and buy gamestop, worst case scenario is you end up shitting in a bucket
  3. Your right, thats easily comparable to burning 300+ lbs of jet fuel per hour....
  4. Haha! About time some operators get a taste if their own medicene (if true), cant wait too hear how they justify this being wrong while averaging their own employees isnt.
  5. What gives? Cant support us canadians first? The 'burden' of flying so many hours.... who comes up with this stuff? Edit, bad link
  6. Gtfo Another useless 'consultant' with ZERO expierence in the real world.
  7. Which is too bad, becuase if they did they would realise they could raise there own rates beyond what they were in 1980.
  8. That note is litteraly on the RFM page you linked...
  9. Engineers can do ground runs .... The only thing preventing it most times is company policies and procedures.
  10. I've never worked for HTS. But I gotta ask is that legal? Of course you could never prove you didn't get the job for that specific reason. But it sounds like straight up discrimination?
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