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  1. chopterlol

    Hard to find guys

    The industries current (lol) state of affairs is the direct result of spineless operators and desperate employees.
  2. chopterlol

    Astar MRG and TRG oil

    That note is litteraly on the RFM page you linked...
  3. chopterlol

    Apps for pilots

    Most pilots cant function without grindrr
  4. Fine machine but the cost doesnt justify it, end of story.
  5. Engineers can do ground runs .... The only thing preventing it most times is company policies and procedures.
  6. chopterlol

    Dew Line Contract

    I've never worked for HTS. But I gotta ask is that legal? Of course you could never prove you didn't get the job for that specific reason. But it sounds like straight up discrimination?
  7. chopterlol

    Dew Line Contract

    So about that DEW line contract ...
  8. chopterlol

    Super 412

    They are not exactly wrong. Those are the numbers bell puts on their spec sheets. We all know how performance on paper translates into real world applications.
  9. Sometimes you gotta know when to hold em Know when to fold em Know when to walk away Know when to run
  10. chopterlol

    205 Down

    That yuppie house wife in the video interview makes me want to kick a puppy
  11. chopterlol

    Slow Times And Such

    If something is factual, public information and not slanderous, what is the problem? Personally I like knowing what's going on in our industry. 6 operators shutting down is terrible news if it is true.
  12. chopterlol

    Slow Times And Such

    Exactly, it's not a big secret or anything. And if it is true who cares... All this unspecified talk is what really leads to rumors being spread. "A company in Vernon has it's hangar for sale and lights off" Jeeeez I wonder who that could be ....
  13. Tampering with AC is a federal offense I believe.
  14. chopterlol

    Resurgence Of Entry Level Flying Jobs

    "The operating costs are around $55 per hour compared to a standard helicopter at $500-$1600 per hour depending on the model. How do we get paid?...........we don't......the hours of experience are payment enough. Any volunteer work we do is supported by our customers through donations and that money is used to cover operating expenses like fuel and maintenance with the remainder going to charity." Jeez, not only should TC lay the smack down on these guys I think revenue canada might wanna poke around too... I wonder what "Charity" these guys donate to, if at all.