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  1. Are we aviators going to be the ONLY bag holders of this unjust mandate? Nurses and health care workers are allowed to work un vaxxed AND covid positive. Gov't made a big oopsie and had no choice but to admit they messed up. Truckers are just saying #### you. I feel like we are a small # of people, and we work in a fragmented industry. Large commercial airlines opposed to small heli companies that work in remote locations. A small group indeed, which is further more split 50/50 in pilot and engineer which are very diff jobs and entail different amounts of exposure to the public
  2. John hopkins lists canada as having a 1.7% mortality rate. So 98%, sorry. Thats inline with my daily risk anaylsis matrix
  3. Yea this 99% survival rate virus is SO bad you have to take a test to know if your sick. Ok
  4. http://globalnews.ca/news/8103817/helicopter-pilot-charge-landing-town-ice-cream-cake/ Suprised it wasnt a fat *** medium pilot lol
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