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  1. Are we aviators going to be the ONLY bag holders of this unjust mandate?

    Nurses and health care workers are allowed to work un vaxxed AND covid positive. Gov't made a big oopsie and had no choice but to admit they messed up.

    Truckers are just saying #### you.

    I feel like we are a small # of people, and we work in a fragmented industry. Large commercial airlines opposed to small heli companies that work in remote locations. A small group indeed, which is further more split 50/50 in pilot and engineer which are very diff jobs and entail different amounts of exposure to the public or clients. Even a remote (work from home job) customer representative job for a company like westjet falls under this mandate.


    Regardless of your personal opinions or vaxx status, it's pretty clear at this point that the narrative is unwinding.

    Britain finally said they are done with masks & passports. In fact Canada is pretty much one of the only countries left in the world with insane lockdowns/restrictions/mandates ect. (can,france, aussie, austria, germany) I'm worried that the 'return to normal' will forget about us federal workers. Life will move on and the mandate will stick for us, being poorly represented or forgotten.

    I am curious how operators are handling this? Has staffing taken a hit or been hard to maintain? Is hiring difficult? I recently saw a job add mentioning they are accepting unvaxx applications (big respect to this kind of behavior) Has anybody perused legal action? where is HAC, surely they have some influence on policy? When is enough, enough and operators just say "we are no longer complying with this mandate, fine us all you want, and we will lets the courts decide."

    and finally, our mandate is the only one I have seen so far that has NO exemptions, whether medical, religious or personal. There are literally pilots and engineers whose doctors have advised to not get the vaccine, and they are as or right now indefinitely exiled from their jobs, careers, life styles, livelihoods. It is beyond reprehensible. 

    stay positive & keep vibin'


    (Cross posted this from the 'in the news' forum)

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