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  1. Yup, I made up a basic one without the lateral CofG. It's fairly self explanatory. This forum tells me I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file (excel) so send me your email and I'll send it to you.
  2. For anyone wanting a deja-vu moment try Googling "National Safety Council" in Australia. Same smoke and mirrors, same disappearing $$$$, but add shots fired, man hunts and suicide. Frontier used to swap 205's and 212's with them in the 90's. This story's not over yet.....do I see a tax payer funded movie with a peel in the works???
  3. THanks Ben, I was looking at he pictures of the Gallets and couldn't tell if the 10 and 250 also had the internal visor that the 050 has, in addition to the external one. If not, then is that space in the shell taken up with extra padding?
  4. I had an SPH-4 for 10 years, an Alpha for 20 so the time has come the walrus said......plus my engineer is MOCKING my helmet and I can hardly take his withering look as I hit the side of it in the mornings to get the left ear piece working. So I'm looking at either the Alpha 200 or the Gallet 150/250 and would appreciate any input. I'm tending towards the Alpha because I like my old one. The Gallet looks solid but maybe quite hot. Thoughts from anyone who's bought either of these in the last few years? Thanks David Wood
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