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  1. Yellowhead Helicopters will be hosting a factory Bell 212 course in Prince George from March 30 to April 17/ 2015. There are a couple seats for sale to fill the course. Please contact Erin at erin.forsberg@yhl.ca for more information.
  2. They def closed the flight school but who knows what they are planning. It is sad. All I know is I'm glad I finished up my training before they did.
  3. Hey Darren, I feel the same about my height and weight being an advantage. I posted this thread to show someone else that it isn't a negative thing to "stretch into most machines than to squeeze into 'em". You put it perfectly. THANKS
  4. I agree fully. They could never do that as every machine is different. A law would just be pointless. Do you think manufacturers would actually make a min. height? I'm really wondering why they don't (or I haven't seen) any mins. already.
  5. LOL Basically, What I'm asking is do you think there should be a sign outside every flight school that says "YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO FLY" ?
  6. Thanks guys! I'm pretty confident with my height.Just as FREDDIE said, with a little prior planning I'm sure I could fly anything comfortably. I'm actually wondering for other people even shorter then myself! Say, someone 5 foot on the nose. I know the weight thing is an issue but it's something easily solved with ballast. Do you think there should be Minimum height to fly, just as there is a minimum weight?
  7. Seriously though.... How tall is the shortest pilot you've seen or head of???
  8. Haha! I'd love to! The closest thing I've seen to a 500 is a NOTAR and it was pretty sweet. I needed a boost to climb into the thing though! :prop:
  9. I could always take ballast for weight. What I'm really wondering is hieght. The question really isn't about MY own height but people even shorter than myself. Do you think it's possible (and/or safe) to have an extremely short pilot?
  10. Elvis, I don't think I have a problem with height. When I first started flying I thought I did but a cushion helped and confidence helped. The 44 pedal extensions are perfect for my height even without my trusty cushion. When I first started flight school I was 110-115 and now I'm about 125 and quite happy there. Any baggage goes under my seat, if I need more weight I'll just carry a few extras quarts of oil. I can usually take full fuel with 3 standard guys. So I guess (in my mind at least) my lack of weight works in my favor.
  11. I’m 5 foot 2 ish (at least that’s what I tell people). I hold a commercial license and could reach everything just fine with a small cushion in the 22 and 44. Obviously you can be too short to fly but I'm just wondering how short is too short? How tall is the shortest pilot you've seen? Or know of?
  12. Okay, so I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas next year!
  13. I did my training with Canadian at Buttonville. My instructors were Biran and Bruno. They taught me so much and really pushed me to do my best. I miss flying with them. I still have dreams about Brain screaming at me "more left pedal you muppet!" and then appologizing for yelling at me.
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