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  1. Dave Liscombe at Chinook in Abbotsford is the way to go. They are fully set up with a Transport Canada approved IFR flight simulator. Excellent set up!
  2. My Buddy just went through a bit of a nightmare with his medical. Due to some scheduling changes he went to a different doctor than he normally does earlier this year. He was due for an ECG so the doctor does it and lets the ECG Machine print out its findings. Well, it showed that he suddenly had a heart problem!! Next thing he knows he gets a letter from TC and freaks out!! He goes to his regular doctor that normally does his medicals who sent him for another ECG with specific instructions to turn OFF the diagnosis results and just print the chart. He then sent the chart to a real Cardiologist who actually can read charts and guess what? As usual, there is no problem!!! He kept his medical but is probably still dealing with TC over this AND he went through h*ll for a couple weeks thinking his ticker was toast!! When I went to do my medical on Monday I mentioned this to my doctor who reassured me that he also tells the people doing the ECG not to print out any diagnosis. just the charts and then sends my charts to a Cardiologist for a proper reading! Talk about a Charlie Foxtrot
  3. Any seen or know the whereabouts Kevin Gray from Dubai? If so, tell him to check in with his friends, they are concerned.......
  4. What it means to you is apparently you will be first in line!!!
  5. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date, 2010 Transport Canada decision will improve aviation safety Ottawa – The decision to restore Transport Canada oversight of the business aviation sector is good for safety, according to the Canadian Federal Pilots Association, which represents federal Civil Aviation Inspectors. Transport Minister Baird announced today that inspectors at Transport Canada will resume direct responsibility for licensing and oversight of aircraft operated by private businesses, a task that was delegated to an industry lobby group called the Canadian Business Aviation Association in 2003 as part of the shift to aviation Safety Management Systems or SMS. “We applaud the Minister’s decision. It demonstrates that he is prepared to listen to safety concerns and act to address them. The Minister’s decision signals an end to the practice of delegating safety oversight,” said Captain Daniel Slunder, President of the CFPA. This is the second occasion Minister Baird has changed Transport Canada’s SMS plans. In November last year, Transport Canada delayed the roll out of SMS to air taxi services and other small operators because of safety concerns among its inspection staff. “Minister Baird and his senior management team at Transport Canada have shown an impressive commitment to safety, even if it means changing their SMS program. We continue to work with them to ensure Canadian travellers enjoy the highest levels of safety,” Captain Slunder said. Aviation inspectors continue to have serious concerns about Transport Canada’s SMS and have called for a number of measures to address safety oversight weaknesses, especially when it comes to the major air carriers which has been operating under Transport Canada’s SMS since 2005.
  6. Thanks for the pm's. Good to keep up. We need to look after one another so we all get ahead!
  7. What were the average hourly (pilot) contract rates for Bell 204/05/12 for a summer contract last year? Getting ready to write a contract and don't want to sell myself short. Last time out (it's been a few years) I went for $200.00 an hour. That still in the ballpark? What have you guys been getting? PM please if you don't want to post openly. I appreciate any input, thanks.
  8. I worked with a gal that was about your size back in 06 and she was flying 204's. When I flew... seat all the way back...when she flew seat all the way forward! She had to carry ballast as the 204 had a 200lb min pilot weight. But she did just fine! Monica I believe her name was.
  9. Am I the only one seeing a crooked d*ck wearing a condom? Seems fitting.
  10. So I am playing with the wx cam pages at NavCan and I look at the one for Hearst On and see that Helicopter in the back. Sitting outside all cold ..... Anyone know whose it is? Looks like an old Campbell machine..... http://www.metcam.navcanada.ca/hb/player.j...m=94〈=e
  11. Bump. Anyone we know? Has a name been released?
  12. Other forum posted it was a 204. Was the machine from Canada or just the pilot?
  13. My instructor made me make a circle using both hands and fingertips around the cyclic and demonstrated that one could fly the helicopter without touching my hands. He then gave me control and put his fingertips around the cyclic and said if he doesn't feel the cyclic touch his hand he doesn't have to get nervous. I asked, "I'm supposed to fly already?" to which he replied "you are paying to fly right? I believe you should have hands on as much as possible". It was a great learning tool as it showed my how little the cyclic needed to move and i was flying the rest of that flight with the exception of the landing as it was in my first hour. He was able to talk me right to the ground before I started to lose it and then he took over and landed. I was amazed how little fear he showed and how out of shape I could get before he would take control. As I was learning to hover, he would always look over and smile as I was totally losing the picture then he'd asked: "so, how comfortable does this feel?" He would smoothly regain control and immediately hand it back to keep me in the groove. Best trait? He was always relaxed.
  14. If you are working????? You are a production pilot!
  15. Oh no, this is not cool! Praying for the best outcome!
  16. This coming from a new poster.... hmmmmmmmm.......... Welcome back. :down: Granted, I may be a newbie myself but I do think that was funny!!
  17. I ain't a wrench but I am dam good at setting up that friction.....dam good!!
  18. Did you ever think that possibly that company lost a contract or two and they just couldn't use you and the company just didn't feel like explaining it??? Not that it would be possible in this economy and all! You sound like a paranoid personality. Is "everyone" really out to get you?
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