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  1. Hi All Interesting topic , not too sure if any of you guys know that Eagle Copters has aquired the Us Army`s 407 including the Honeywell HTS900 engine and are working on the blueprints to reconfigure the Airframe back to Civilian standard. Would be quiet the performer I recon , the 407 with the C47 is a nice platform - we had them in New Guinea - but as mentioned not enough Temp. margins under hot and high conditions. 407 versus B2 - I do believe the FX2 /SD2 are an equal performer with higher performance margins over the Arriel powered B2. Cheers
  2. I had a pax dropping a heavy GPS unit on the collective in a B3 once - breaking the switch guard and dumping the hydraulics - we were doing 120kts in a desending RH turn. The helicopter went nose up and right and then rolled to the right pretty hard before I realized what happened ! I remember hearing a little `bong` through my heatset ( audio warning ) - looked down on the collective - saw the switch turned off - and turned it back on again which restored hydraulics and we continued to base - I remember yelling at the guy which got me in trouble afterwards - he complained to my boss - oh wel
  3. Hi - I`m running an astar right now on seismic - but as you might know the programs are getting smaller and the bids getting lower so having some alternative and still be compatible would be nice.
  4. Thanks - I was considering using it on seismic - 6 3D bags plus 150` line and carousel approx. 1600lbs.
  5. Hi - Just wondering if anybody knows ( from experience) how much a MD 530 F is able to lift external. We are looking to purchase one but we need to run some numbers. 1600lbs. with 1 hour fuel and a 220lbs pilot in the winter below 4000` - possible?
  6. Hi All, MR blades (disc ) tracking seems to have a great influence on performance. A low tracked MR provides a larger disc at high power / collective settings(coning angle). A slow process considering flight control rigging and interchanging (weighing) blades to figure out the lowest flying one. Most likely there is not enough time to do it this way. There are many contributing factors decreasing lift regarding external load ops. I.e cargo baskets, flight steps, squirrel cheeks ( AS350) all interfere with induced airflow from the rotors. Changing aircraft configurations - taking doors off
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