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  1. That's probably because there was a swallow of beer left in the bottle and you tackeld the kid trying to get it...... Spalding! "Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story"
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I will take the plunge and buy the program. I'll post a review if anyone is interested. I noticed there is a free trial offer on the site if you want to look for yourselves. Thanks again, Cheers, NDTP
  3. My apologies guys...... I was talking about a personal logbook to document flight hours etc. I should have specified. Not being an engineer, I didn't even consider technical or journey logs. I will have a look through CAR's to see what I can find there. I thought somebody might have the answer off the top of their head. Thanks again for your efforts. Sorry to waste your time. NDTP
  4. Met a South African guy on my last tour who was using LogTen Pro from Coradine Aviation Systems. Very slick program, keeps track of just about everything you could imagine. My questions is...... does Transport Canada recognize any electronic logbooks? I did a search on their site and looked in the AIM but couldn't find anything specific. I thought I recalled the subject coming up on the Forum a while back but couldn't find it through the "search" function. I may buy it anyway since it is an impressive program but if I don't really want to maintain a hard copy as well if I don't have to. Any comments would be appreciated. (maybe 412 Driver knows the answer to this one since he is now with TC) Cheers, NDTP
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