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  1. Many moons ago (yet again I know), I was required to wear specially designed (by the MOD at great expence to the tax payer) Laser reflective glasses for a military operation I was on...Can't say if they ever worked (maybe because I can still see means they did), but they sure looked like something you could now buy at Mountain Equipment Coop, and thats 15 years ago!! We were cool way ahead of our time!!!

  2. Thanks ttf,

    I head out on tour real soon, so might give them a call when I get back...I'm sure plenty of guys think I'm crazy, but the internal problems within CHC right now has created a put-up-or-shut-up culture. As corporate mentality towards crews will never change, vote-with-yer-feet is the only option...

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Guys,

    Like a few of the readers on this forum, I’ve been working international offshore (guess who with?) for a number of years and to be honest it’s wearing real thin...Now while my single time is minimal, I’ve plenty of medium and heavy twin, but been in the IFR World (you’d be surprised how little IFR we actually fly!) for years, hence VFR is rusty, and no long line experience to speak of…So my question is…Would a guy like me, early 40’s, mortgage, minivan etc etc, really be able to slip back into the Canadian market, or am I stuck?? And please don’t say EMS, been there done that.. I’m trying to figure out some options here before I explode!!!



  4. I wear my pervious employers hat at home cus' it fit a whole load better than my current bright red pidgeon logoed hat :D But in work....Well thats a whole other issue and I happily wear the bosses cap that makes me look like a geek...Its the "golden" rule...

  5. Back to the original topic......My VERY understanding wife and 2 kids have made a 6 and 6 rotation work great for years. To help things along, I told her right from the start, "the day you are unhappy with the situation, just say the word and I quit within 24hours". Its hard enough being away, without thinking theres no way its ever going to end...My families happiness is 200% more important than any job, base, rotation etc......

  6. Remember what environment these are desgined for...Over Water Flight....Where a ribbing from others might not be a concern. Spare Air is the size of about 2 cans of coke (slightly slimmer) end to end with a regulator ontop. Where to locate it, I admit, was always a problem. The final solution was in the life jacket pocket. The Air Pocket Plus sits around your neck flush to your chest, and is easily accessable. Also, any of these units are to be used when your primary means of escape is hindered. Once all motion stops, you locate your exit, releaes your harness and egress. If the exit is blocked or won't jettison, you now reach for your breather (whatever it is), compose yourself (not easy upside down underwater), and locate an alternate exit. However, without proper HUET training, one of these could just as easly kill you. Moral here...Don't just go out and buy one...Get some training....

  7. Hi Mini,

    When I worked on the East coast Canada I bought 10 units for the base at a local dive shop, can't remember the name of the shop though as it was years ago, but the unit is called "Spare Air". My point is, try a dive shop in your area, they will know exactly what you want. If they don't just walk away. Also, get training on its use. I trained the guys in Halifax and some could do it some could not. Purging the regulator is the issue, while upside down under water. If you have access to a HUET course, most instructors there will be divers and can help. I would also strongly recommend "Air Pocket Plus". More of a re-breather (without air scrubbing), none of the hazards assocciated with compressed air while retaining all the benifits and comfort zone of Spare Air i.e. that extra breath!

    Good luck.

  8. Happened to me many moons ago, just started flying Sea Kings single pilot IFR. Happened at 4000ft in cruise 90kts (Brit' Sea Kings AEW). I thought (at the time) that you had to have all the collective friction off before engaging the Barometric Height Hold, and accidently hit the collective as I reached down. The ensuing "accelerating" oscilations of full collective travel, scared the s--t out of me before my hand finally caught up with the collective!! :wacko:

  9. I'm kinda surprised at "need GPS's" comments. Would you care to elaborate? I really would be interested in the good, bad and ugly points of view out there, or should I just trust my gut instinct (not let me down yet!)

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hi All,

    I'm thinking about doing my instructor rating at Bighorn Helicopters out of Springbank Airport, AB this year. Anyone able to give me an insight into the quality of the course they offer. I spoke to them last year and first impressions were good. Cheers...

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