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  1. Oh good, a business model built around not paying the aircrew. That sure helps us all... Brutal. No pilot, low time or otherwise should be volunteering. If you do, you are screwing us all over.
  2. I have written a letter to Hon. Jason Kenney and my MP stating my opposition to Mr. Jones' letter. I hope others will do the same as I find Fred Jones' position disgusting considering what is actually going on in the industry. I don't have a problem with TFWs filling holes that may legitimately be there but it is my personal opinion of the canadian market that there probably isn't. In fairness I don't know every detail of the industry. From what I have seen though I am willing to bet the majority of companies using the TFW program are not training Canadians to replace TFWs or working to e
  3. To this I have the same response to anyone who makes that statement including my own mother. "The only way my job is dangerous is if I'm not doing it properly" That can include saying no and just not doing it. Also part of my job.
  4. On further research fishtail air's own website states Moro was the pilot. Sorry for adding confusion.
  5. According to a pprune forum regular flying in Nepal with same company, Pilot of rescue flight was Maurizio Folini. (Mentioned in the article linked above)
  6. So I'll take the bait, apparently it's all tall order to ask for a bit of helpful advice here anymore. Pretty green in the heli-ski world myself but seeing as its all fresh ill share what I've learned as I'm eternally grateful to those that have been helping me out lately: -learn your area inside and out, make mental and GPS (in that order) landmarks of bad weather routes and your outs to fuel caches, lodges or pickups. The weather WILL get bad and having a mental map in your head goes a long way. -make approaches with options to break off and try again. 3 strikes is a good rule, af
  7. It seems clear that the WG proposal is not suited to VFR helicopter work and thus we should all appreciate the work being done to voice our concern. I didn't get the impression from the survey or from discussion here that we are choosing to remain at the status quo, but that we cannot accept regulations suited for one facet of the industry. Thats why I signed the petition.
  8. Apologies to rotorspeed. Green Arc is the one that should be doing his own homework when it comes to statistics.
  9. Rotorspeed, "nearly 90% of all new commercially licensed helicopter pilots never find gainful employment in the industry in Canada" I have an especially hard time believing this statistic and it doesn't come as a surprise that although you are quoting it, you can't back it up. I have personnaly seen Richard and Paul's records that track the hiring rate out of the school and it isn't BS. If you want to state statistics, maybe you should do your research and find out if they are in fact true before trying to support your argument. Asking the rest of the forum to do your homework for you
  10. Non-heli related tid bit regarding ipads in the cockpit...According to my old man at Air Canada they are phasing in Ipads as electronic flight bags starting with the A320 fleet. Currently the 777 fleet has been a "paperless cockpit" since day one at AC albeit a factory installation. Hopefully we won't be too far behind the fixed wing world, if AC can figure it out, garaunteed it can't be that complicated... A VNC on an Ipad sounds awesome to me, still would carry paper copies myself though.
  11. One of the gripes I have with this whole scenario is in fact what the flight manual's procedures are. To summarize it states: If oil pressure is low or nil....apply autorotational procedure. This "autorotation procedure" can be found on a previous page (which is not specified in the Oil Pressure loss section BTW) under the heading of "Engine Flame Out In Cruise Flight" Apparently one is supposed to assume this is the procedure they intend you to perform. Item # 3 in the list of appropriate actions is "Twist Grip to shut off detent" This is clearly a description of an engine fai
  12. Company received a service letter from Eurocopter pertaining to an incident involving a loss of engine oil pressure in an EC 120 in flight. (See Below) The point of the letter was to reiterate the flight manual's procedure for a loss of oil pressure in flight. This simply states the pilot should apply the autorotational procedure described for an ENGINE FLAME OUT which includes rolling the throttle to the shut off detent. Any ambiguity about whether a loss of oil pressure should be taken slightly differently than a loss of oil pressure has been straightened out by this service letter from
  13. Agreed. Thanks Pilot 5 for being a complete dink to a guy who set out to find out how to solve the problems that you yourself have suffered. I hate the fact that I may have to work with customers with on a chip on their shoulder against pilots after reading the things you say on here.
  14. In my understanding of unions, especially pilot unions, the intent is to represent pilots as a group and negotiate labour contracts with the management of the company they work for. Now I apologize for another "my old man says..." story, but being the son of an airline pilot I've been force fed a lot of the union doctrine. What I've determined, is that it polarizes the entired company into an us vs. them scenario which at the end of the day seems to hurt everybody. Furthermore, ASRD is not the management of a company we work for. They are a customer, and as a customer, does it not mean if
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