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  1. Hi there I was wondering if somebody knows anything about the hiring of low timers with Taiga helicopters in Whitecourt, AB!? Any pros or cons? Anything known about the time in ground crew or from prev. on the average time they have u in ground before u get a chance to fly? Heard once that its more like 2-3 years ground before they let you go since they got no work for low timers can somebody confirm or deny this rumor? thxs
  2. Well guys as it seems you are all working on getting a place close to springbank! I might be able to help you out or give you a hint to help you out. If you are attending flight training from Mountain View Helicopters then talk to Kelda (she will be able to give you the right contact) about rooms or basements that can be rented through them (they know people that rent rooms cheaper to students of MVH). That way you will not be far away from school and can live to a somewhat normal price range close by! Calgary is not cheap and besides the price you have to pay for school another
  3. Well as Darren says life is hard but if you work hard you will reach your goal to become a pilot. I myself just finished school 5 weeks ago same as Darren at Mountain View Helicopters and it is not easy to get a job but with a bit of effort and searching (has to be done for any dream job) everyone will find a job. To the beginning money should not be something you should look for be happy to get hours first. The more you have the better chances you will have in getting a job. If becoming a pilot is your dream then do it and plan upfront that you have a bit of money to back you u
  4. I did my training at Mountain View Helicopters at Springbank airport west of Calgary, Alberta in the spring of 2009 and my instructor was Ashleigh Prior.
  5. Thanks alot! Well they do not hire everybody but about 5-6 people every year! So far I was not lucky myself to get a job there. But they always get back to there students if a spot opens and for that I am hoping. Even though, they are still the place to go for training and am very happy to have chosen them for my training!
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    To your question: So I just finished off this spring my commercial training at Mountain View Helicopters at Springbank airport just west of Calgary. My training was set up as to 95 hours with the R22, 5 hours R44 and 10 hours on the B206 (optional) (long and short line + bucket training). Everyone there is friendly and helpful. They have the knowledge needed to train you and are willing to give everything to make you become the best! They have 3 classes a year (Jan., May, Sep.) and there is space for up to 12 people. As far as I know there are for this fall still 5 spots
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