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  1. I was an apprentice of Blake's, and I will say he was one of the most influential engineers that I ever worked for and learned from. I will always remember the knowledge and the stories that he shared with me, along with the laughs and the beers. I hoisted a Kokanee in his memory on learning of his tragic death; and I know that many of the VIH boys did the same. You are missed Blake. My condolences extend to your family and friends, and the many pilots and engineers that remember you fondly. Your passing is a great loss to this industry. Scott Clark
  2. Heresy. You obviously just didn't know where to look; or have an issue with getting stabbed.
  3. I won't say much, but how about this... Check your alternator air door actuator BEFORE you leave the hangar. They're a bit of a PITA to replace, and you are AOG if it winds up in the book (uh-oh, I just said that).
  4. The AS350 has DI requirements, they're in the PRE as "ALF" items (after last flight). Regardless, if it is required by your employer; you have to do it.
  5. What are their actual requirements for 212 engineers? I'd heard 5 years on type. That rules a lot of guys out. And do they accept a TC recognized 212 course, or is a Bell one the only thing that will do? Not looking to go, I'm in a moral commitment with my current employer, but I'm curious.
  6. They weren't doing it the last time I saw her, not sure if it was in the plans. Looks like the Eurocopter course is the only one on the list, either way. It doesn't really matter, it's all curiosity, my employer doesn't have any Twinstars.
  7. Besides the electrical, were they any more of a nightmare than any other twin? I think that an operator would be a fool not to do one of the available STCs to rewire them... Is the differences course offered by anyone other than Eurocopter? Thanks.
  8. Is there an actual AS355 type course, or would I be good to go with my AS350 course and the appropriate engine course? Are they really as much of a nightmare as people make them out to be?
  9. Maybe the spindle nut failed and they issued an AD on the subject the next day. It might be the design engineers, rather than the maintenance engineers.
  10. I'd assume cost. Why put $400K into something that you can sell for $250K? I don't think many people are rebuilding their smashed up jetboxes anymore... The place I work has no interest in it, at the very least. They will go the way of the 47... Museum pieces and high priced toys...
  11. Here's hoping for the fate of the crew
  12. Sure, if the MPM of the AMO you work for indicates that it is acceptable. Otherwise, no, it is not.
  13. That thing has IMPRESSIVE amounts of downwash. Probably even worse than a Kamov.
  14. I take it the 4mm is for the boost pumps? I'll have to try to pick one up, I got the 6mm 3/8" already...
  15. I wish. I watch the gauge, with the cap holding the nozzle open. If the gauge doesn't rise, I run back and shake the tail... Normally it'll become unstuck. But, I've never had one stick while refueling hot. Generally the machines are rough enough that it won't... I think. I've only had to deal with a couple with the floats. Given my druthers, they'd all have the window 'mod' in the baggage compartment. KISS. But those sort of decisions are above my pay scale.
  16. Once upon a time, I saw an Astar with a piece of lexan spliced into the baggage covers (those .016" aluminum things) in the LH compartment. They then jiffy marked the tank with the fuel level denominations... And it's just that easy to tell how much fuel you put in without looking at the gauge. Of course, you could just look at the gauge...
  17. You should be able to sign up for it on the Bell publications site (http://bellhelicopter.net/), I'm fairly certain flight manuals are provided there at least... You will need to provide an appropriate serial number. (I'm still waiting on Bell to approve me.)
  18. Unless it's changed since Monday, C-FLIE is still owned by VIH, and is still in VIH Helicopter's colours.
  19. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. I'm not worried about the laptop for Open350, that's provided. I am worried about actually understanding Open350, but that's a bit of a different matter... The nitrogen gauge/regulator, I doubt I'll need, since we've got a couple that get passed around the fleet as needed. Hopefully. I've got a Fluke meter and several large hammers, since both work well on Bell products. I'm sure they can get thrown in my Astar box as needed... Looks like I'll have to track down the Strap-On truck for a few things though. Although, the list of req
  20. The majority of my tools are standard. Actually, all of the ones I have at work. But, with an astar course that will have to change, I think... What does a guy need? What's bare bones? What's nice?
  21. I'd imagine that the terms of the loan would give them some time to move their management and establish a school there. There also may be clauses in it which would penalize them financially (or otherwise) if they fail to do so. Just Looking, you seem to hate GSH, what did they do to you?
  22. My understanding is that the TwinRanger is legal for all flight regimes on one engine, making it unique. I believe part of the marketing was that you could actually shut down one of the engines during high altitude cruise to save on engine time and fuel economy (as in, intentional engine shut-down in flight was also legal). That said, there's not much information on them out there, so I could be very wrong. Also, on one engine you'd have a single C20R anyways, and given that she'd already be fat from having an extra engine on board, so I imagine performance could be described as lackluster
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