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  1. " Carry a small container of good quality candy such as Jolly Ranchers or Werthers Originals (they won't melt on the Astar tray)." But be careful.........kinda funny now but, I remember a ferry flight from Victoria to Rupert one time,...Somewhere around Bella Bella I almost choked to death on a Jolly Rancher.... believe it or not, Its surprisingly hard to fly in that state..... I chew gum now instead, and avoid hard candies.
  2. Same here.........DOT asked me for a medical for my class 1 .......I had just done my pilots medical a couple weeks earlier, so I called them and they shipped a copy to DOT....was fine and saved me a hundred or so bucks.
  3. I remember years ago, (1987 to be exact) when I was getting my licence in Langley....A fellow there flew around in his Bell 47 with a prosthetic hand, I believe he was a private pilot tho, think he was a plumber or something, and if I recall, he was missing his left hand, and used his left hand(prosthetic) for the cyclic and right hand to control the throttle/collective...which was the center collective normally for duals..... was I on crack or does anyone else remember that guy? flying plumbers kinda rings a bell..............it was a a red and white Bell 47.
  4. International Heliflight 1987.....Bell 47 & Hughes 300......Joe Cadham,Lyell Watts,Hal Marsden.
  5. Same Accident Link removed - please be considerate of what types of sites you link to. Thanks.
  6. Duncan's service will be at 2pm this Saturday at St. Mary's Church in Metchosin. The address is 4125 Metchosin road (across from the golf course).
  7. Missing helicopter pilot found dead Last updated Jul 27 2005 11:46 AM PDT CBC News A Canadian Forces search and rescue crew has found the wreckage of a kit-built helicopter reported missing on a short flight in northern B.C. this week. The 53-year-old pilot had planned to fly his Rotorway Exec 162F home-built helicopter from his home at Ootsa Lake to nearby Francois Lake on Monday. His body was found in the wreckage, which had been spotted on the shoreline of Ootsa Lake. After the pilot failed to show up at Francois Lake, a group of friends had begun their own search befor
  8. Im not sure about the 412......but I think the 212 used 47 pitch rods on the stab bar to the dampers.....theres two of them and theyre identicle......
  9. Yup! Oldie but a goodie..........good chuckle ...thanx!!
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