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  1. Yes EFF_YOU HELI ZERO....!! YOU WILL GET ZERO-ZILCH business from anyone I know. LET THE WORD GET AROUND!!.. Do business with these arsehoools and you too can loose your business!!! CAUTION!!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!! Really good job HELI ZERO putting a small Canadian business into bankrupsy!!! My condolences to the poor ******** that received this un-lubricated anal assault from HELI ZERO! P5
  2. This just in.....from a buddy who applied there. "Coming into the flying season with time running out fast, it would be a miracle if Summit makes it to the gate even if they managed to fill the senior positions 3 months ago." I guess someone will realize soon that you can't run a helicopter company like a construction company and hire everyone at the last minute to frame the building. It appears that Summit is facing some serious systemic issues ! The guy calling the shots has no clue what he is doing- Rumour has it! p5
  3. The rumour is that all 4 top senior managers quit. CP ops as well. No doubt driven by the mother company. I imagine TC is keeping a careful eye out on the revolving door. Western Canada and work will remain scarce in 2016. P5
  4. Low oil prices, low prices for resources effecting the mining sector! Economy weak!= less money for stuff!! Unless the planets population drastically implodes, a replacement is found to replace oil and people give up driving and using cell phones, expect that this is a down turn. Global demand will increase. ( eventually) Unless of course the aliens land and give us some new technology soon, the petro dollar will prevail... 20-30 years perhaps. Relax ! things will get better.... cant get much worse! P5
  5. Good news that everyone is OK. It will be interesting to see what failed? p5
  6. It's been my experience as of late that the US ATP is a good thing to have. I have both CAN and US ATP's. Working domestically as many posters have written is an immigration matter. The US market is closed to americans for the most part. However going direct into working in the offshore international environment now adays requires and ATP -having the US ATP opens doors… The big problem with the Canadian ATPL is that there is almost no avenue for Canadian Citizens to access the Canadian ATPLH ( paying for it) without having worked for a Canadian company and obtaining a PPC on a Multi crew t
  7. Phil Does this mean that we will be able to convert a US ATP ( H) to a CAN ATPL ( H)? Much like the fix wing guys can do now? Thx P5
  8. Cosmo, ya you are right, I'm suffering from a momentary lapse of reason . What I meant was 70k per year take home 50 k or so. Roach motel with the sunken multiple times old jizzed on mattress or bush camp trailer set up Economy class ticket with no leg room/ or must relocate at your expense with dodgy or no contract Canadian social healthcare with long waiting times to see a doctor No loss of license insurance or life insurance so if you die family gets whatever comp will pay ( you may opt to get private insurance if you can find it) RRSP matching if your lucky or zilch =RRSP (
  9. Forgot... Annual salary increase at 3-4% indexed to inflation. p5
  10. $260,000 per year before tax. 6 weeks on 6 weeks off. Comfortable accommodation, Laundry done and pressed daily including ginch. Gold Elite status after 2 years with full lounge privileges Full medical coverage internationally for whole family 7% pension matching savings Live anywhere in the world you want Access and trainging in the latest glass cockpit environment. Medicals paid for including all licenses held AC that are maintained to the highest standard Respectfull, Professional working environment.
  11. Yes I am a very good carpenter building a red cedar fence this week. Maybe one day I will return to flying in Canada. Until that day comes I am more than content to let my hemeroids retreat to their normal position, because it's not guaranteed that they will remain undisturbed in the future should I choose to once again look into serving a " Masser" again. For now it's just me and Old Yeller , a tool belt and a box of nails. Fly safe every one, and don't bend over to pick up the soap. P5
  12. Round Lake Yes the employee has the right to do a lot of things including calling his lawyer, but taking action agianst your employer is like ldisobeying the " Masser" you will be wipped, one way or another and cause irreparable harm to your reputation and it's a small group of owners... Better to apply lube and just take it. p5
  13. Unfortunately it's just the way it is, the precise reason why the word "professional " cannot be held up with any degree of seriousness to define the industry in general. Despite a huge desire by many participants who would like to see a real professional standards Standing waiting for the next person that will be pushed to their limit and go postal out of shear frustration turning to madness. like the last guy that shot up the aircraft a while back, just a question of time. When the people in this industry get organized, then the power will shift and some employers ( not all) will b
  14. Driver81 I would like to caution you vis a vie your comment on the Canadian Labour Code and challenging any employer in this industry on its enforcement. Although you or the person in question may evoke enforcement on a given short term matter and receive compensation, the long term damage to your career will be irreparable. You will be known as a ' trouble" employee and in all likely hood be discussed at some HAC association meeting during bar hours. Once you are placed on the non existent blacklist for sticking up for yourself finding future employment will be significantly more difficul
  15. Heard second hand about a long dog with out a tail boom around Spray Lakes being towed away ? Any intel and if all pax ok?
  16. Well I'm an experienced IFR ATPL offshore Captain that can teach proper IFR to OGP standards 2 crew etc. 1000 hrs multi . I'm also a production sim test pilot civil deployment. I have both US and Canadian IFR and a few other licenses to boot. My rate is 1500 per day + expenses . Would need a 135 rating as these aren't really used much in the OGP world , too small. Transition from the 92, Puma, or 76 is not a difficult thing and I'm sure that there would be loads of Canadian guys with similar experience or more willing to help. but it ain't gonna be the operator that sets the price, that's
  17. Rather odd you were warned? About what? Seems as though opinions are welcome as long as they do not insight the truth. Then the warning is given not to offender but to the corrective action or opinion. I suggest you look into the Asche conformity experiment to get a better understanding of exactly what you are dealing with. it's quite amusing. As soon as momentum is gained and it contravenes the accepted norm warnings are issued. Several other descriptive terms then come to mind, like willful blindness or disingenuous. The dynamic is really quite interesting and if you understand it and
  18. H56 I would greatly appreciate that before you give away my title of " The biggest Whiner" to someone else ( ( (that took dedication and hard work) that you at the very least have the courtesy to provide some notice. Kinda like getting it in the back door without a reach around. poor form! P5
  19. Looks like US Pilots are organized to protect their jobs….Not exactly the same situation but taking action seems to be the only to improve matters. found this on the AV Canada site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj9_jt_5jHY P5
  20. Scarcity of manpower, and manned equipment will result in wages and machine rates improving, operators finding solutions to train and help the younger generation along when they can. It would also be helpful if there were tax break for companies so that training and promoting hr building would increase. Operators in tourist based markets have zero reason to require foreign workers. Similarly provincial authorities must also partner with operators to help with the endemic problem of lack of experience and assist to enable the industry. Insurance companies are still a big part of the problem and
  21. http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/04/30/canadian-helicopter-pilots-say-cheap-temporary-foreign-workers-slowly-killing-the-industry/ I imagine it wont be long until…. This is Peter Mansbridge and this is The National…. P5
  22. The AUS and KIWI shops are locked up tighter than the Kingston pen to all Canadians over 30. No working holiday visa or TWP is possible. The Australian and New Zealand governments protect what jobs there are for their citizens. Canada on the other hand uses distorted employment statistics that do not consider the particular circumstances of our industry , nor does it promote or encourage training for young Canadians by assisting employers with meaningful tax incentives to enable a more home grown approach. I bet that if it were determined that TFW or Working holiday visas effected th
  23. Just found this on Facebook. Helicopter pilots say they're shut out of jobs by temporary foreign workers A+ BY LEE-ANNE GOODMAN, THE CANADIAN PRESS, APRIL 30, 2014 OTTAWA - Canadian helicopter pilots say they're being denied jobs in favour of cheaper temporary foreign workers as alarm bells grow ever louder about the integrity of the embattled federal program. "The saddest and most outrageous part is that this will slowly kill the industry," Bill Wadsworth, a helicopter pilot in Mayne Island, B.C., with 25 years experience, said in an interview Wednesday. Wadsworth said h
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