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  1. New B3's are dual hydraulics and dual FADEC. The 407 has no redundant systems.





    The idea of dual hydraulics I like, it's the As350 weak spot.


    DOM, if the the fellow still has that B3 send me PM with contact.Appreciated.


    The L4 is the same price as a 407 almost, there a few for sale in Ireland. It's great machine form what I have been told and cheap to run. Won't lift as much as the 407 though.


    It's a really tough call to get a all round everything.



  2. The Lycoming powered FX2/SD2 will outperform a B2 at altitude and will have a lower DOC. As both are STC'D B2's they are not available with the dual hydraulics. Only the B3 has this option as of yet. The B3 and the 407 are more comparable in terms of performance and technology, but I'd wager the B3 would outperform; but I am a little biased. ;)



    Thanks for the info DOM. We looked at the B3 but considering the bargain basement rates these days we cannot justify the extra $500K+ for the B3.


    The likely outcome will be the 407.


    Thanks for all the information.

  3. ''What I hear is rebuilding or doing engine work on the Ariel can be a big cost surprise! This is not good. On the other hand Allison seems to be a little more cost known. Correct me if I am wrong!''


    Any engine is going to cost you dollars, yes the Turbomeca engines can be pricy, but I am sure the C47 is not that cheap to overhaul, no idea of cost! Software updates for the FADEC are expensive, so that is a consideration.


    For comparison, the FX2 will out perform the 407 and is cheaper to buy and operate, if that is all your looking for. Apples to apples the B3 is FADEC controlled like the 407, therefore a more realistic comparison vs a B2.



    So for high and hot the FX2 will do the same job as a 407?. Anybody working a FX2 in the Rockies, on fires?I would sure appreciate any feedback.


    What I did notice about the B2 is that over 5000' at high temps it's a dud. Does the FX2 come

    with duel hydraulic system like the B3?


    Thanks for the input!




  4. Great question. B2 is analog so relatively cheaper. To compete with the 407, you'd have to go up to a B3. I'm sure you'll get lots of input here, but you should go with the helicopter that fits your mission profile, always budget for the worst and hope for the best.


    Good Luck



    What I hear is rebuilding or doing engine work on the Ariel can be a big cost surprise! This is not good. On the other hand Allison seems to be a little more cost known. Correct me if I am wrong!


    Thanks for the input!




    I know the subject of the 407 vs the 350B2 has come up before.


    Interested in knowing from those who operate either, the deal with engine overhaul and general running costs.


    Hearing mixed views on engine overhaul costs.. can anyone with practical experience provide some insight?


    The purchase cost of the 407 is more at prices from 1.8m to 2.5 million. So is this additional cost worth it?



    Thanks a bunch


  6. Thanks for the PM's all ! The overall review is good! If they are just collecting resumes, good on'em for keeping the hope alive, and maintaining an optimistic view of future requirements. :up:


    Now would somebody please get Dimit some beer! It seems as though the poor lad will say just about anything for a sip!



  7. Wasn't Blackcomb advertising for a Chief Pilot and Director of Maitenance recently?.

    2 out of 3 positions of TC required management being replaced seems like a bit of turnover or did they move to other positions in the company?




    Yes this is true! Could this be due to the takeover of Omega? Anybody know exactly how great the benefits and retirement plan are? I guess this company must be expanding if nobody ever leaves and turnover is low.


    I was under the distinct impression that the economy and Heli industry was in a down turn?


    Must say, am a little confused.

  8. "hard over" and "transperancy" are 2 different things, as far as my knowledge base is concerned.


    We should not mix the two up here.


    I believe the thread is about a "hard over" in which the servo O-rings fail and allows fluid past the piston.


    I do believe that servo transperancy with respect to the a-star has more to do with an inadequate hydraulic system that cannot move the servos in all aggresive manouvers, and not the malfunctioning of a servo. (which is again different from the belts slipping on the hydraulic pump)



    You are right! The very matter that there is more than one problem points a clear line in the direction of poorly designed system. Bell did a better job. Fail safe on! ;)


    Really nicely engineered engines in the 350 though, expensive, but nicely engineered, Guess the engineers at EC where hungover or something the day they started drafting up the schematics for the hydraulics .Dunno??



  9. If you have a hard over in an a-star, fore/aft servo, what is it like?


    If anyone has an experience I'd like to hear it. I remember the forestry machine in Ontario on a cutblock that has a sad ending. And I once met an instructor who was playing with his pen in his collective hand and accidentally pushed his actuator dump valve. That sounded difficult to deal with. It had a happy ending.



    Felt it a few times, the best way out of it is not to be there in the first place and overload the hydraulic system. Surprised the french military, when the machine first came out didn't do something about the transparency problem or ask for a design change. The hydraulic system on the 350 is my only complaint. Easy on maneuvering and you will never have the experience. If you do get that "skippy stick", don't move it and it will stop. It can be induced not just during hard overs, but any repetitive maneuvering that loads or unloads G's .





  10. The work for heli's in the resource based side will begin to show improvement when the junior mining companies will again be able to access credit, so this is a function of the difficulty to access credit and the credit market, that has affected seismic work and mining.Higher prices for oil,and base minerals will also directly affect future work. Logging is affected by these factors as well but more by the base price of wood for export and regulations.


    I don't think there is a clear cut answer, with so many factors. :wacko:


    2011 perhaps?






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