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  1. Roho airhalk will save your anus. As for not paying the money for a 2 m helicopter- now that makes me laugh ! Most but not all owners that I know that own astars - it's about making cash. Spending money on protecting your *** is not their problem. I have sat in astars that the cushion has nt been changed in 5000 hrs .... Ouch you cheap prick! Especially after a long day of bucketing.


    Spend the money you won't regret it- amazing for long international or cross Canada air travel trips again on well used uncomfortable Airfrance, Westjet,..... Concrete seats... Ouch again... Bring on the prep...the stewardess always gets a chuckle when I break it out and start pumping it up... Why are you doing that they ask... Well I say if ou fly as much as I do yul surely understand how they make money in aviation... It's not but spending money on economy pax comfort... I'm surethey would cram ya in on a stools if was STC able.


    Start using roho before middle age and yul fare well in your later years.



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  2. All this to be accomplished within 100 hours..??!?! Canada is low in required hours to meet a standard for a commercial rotary wing licence compared to other countries, and yet we still turn out a better product by comparison.

    If a pilot shows up and does not know how to us or utilize the above mentioned equipment, who really is at fault here...a flight training school?

    Gimme a break....


    All this operational knowledge I learned when coming up in the industry, my first job was working ground 22 years ago, nets , radios and working with the engineers... This knowledge helped huge in the years that followed. This is the traditional way most people i know came up through the industry. It wasn't until Mr. owner of 1-2 million dollar helicopter was convinced you loved his equipment as much as he did that you actually got to fly it.... Maybe times have changed ...


    As for the foreign worker issue , UNTIL there is a bilateral agreement tha allows ALL Canadians free access AUS, NZ EU markets with the same access for all NOT just under 31 , then the Candian job market should be closed and protect jobs for Canadians just as these other jurisdictions protect their niche job markets for their citizens... Except under extrordinary cases that don't include falsifying advertisements on job skill requirements to meet strict entry requirements.


    It's either open for all equally or too bad for you.



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  3. Too funny bell powered.


    Here is the bottom line.


    The air line industry is suggestively governed by international bodies like ICAO, IATA etc. As we work in a predominantly new industry the international community has yet to understand that Human Beings that live in the developed nations due to better nutrition and vitamins etc are getting much bigger, as decade pass... ever wonder why your knees hurt after a 8 hr flight to Nairobi, and you can't feel your *** or stand up.. Well it's because the engineering specs are so far out of whack with the ergonomic requirements of today's average human, you may ask why it hasn't changed... Easy. less money to be made more material cost more money etc. and the little ******* short guy who just stabbed the tall guy in the back and got promoted to finance is not going to authorize the expenditure. Its far easier to just cram you in a seat and cause inadvertent knee bruising. Complained once to KLM and they said " well pay for business class" Said whoa that's discrimation and why don't you make sure that the shorties can't book the economy comfort seats so there is some availability for the average size normal peope /persons, when I want one...it's avialable .. It's tall person discrimination period.


    In a parallel kind of way the engineers who develop these new fancy flying machines at Bell , EC etc and the various accessories for the rotary industry, same same... For a more detained description please see....





  4. There are a few companies internationally that will accept the CPL and an IR. Unfortunately the ATPL is what most operators want. Good luck getting a Canadian ATPL if you don't work for a Canadian operator... Simply not accessible. If you don't believe me try calling around CAE, Flight Safety ( for cat D sim mulit crew ride on an accepted bird 76,212,412) or the various Multi operators... Designated TC inspectors although authorized by the public service are only accessible to in company personnel and you cannot use their services because CHC or who have you, pay them. The ride must be done by an TC ACP.


    International is the way to go if you want a good rotation, loss of license insurance, good health care for your family, life insurance etc.


    Only the Fix wing guys can convert directly to the CND ATPL for the US - not rotary.


    A current CND IFR and 100 hrs of night is required for the US ATP.



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  5. Well that just sucks the big one! Who knows maybe its time to get Pratt STC,d for the lights, intermediates.


    Functionally speaking have never heard of a single operator without an engine if they are on the engine exchange program, though more expensive per hour ,doing the math and adding in business lost from down time. Seems penny wise pound foolish to me not to be if you are running the Ariel . The Lts series engines the 700 series are miles behind the current technology and inter mountain turbine is just as backed up as everyone else. So there is no simple solution.


    Quite frankly if Zero is who I think it is they are not in dire straights and this particular case will be blown off with little consideration.


    Sucks for the operator!!!




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  6. No kidding if it was and EC or bell product they would probably be nothing left. Funny how those Russion space technolgy and the re try vehicles also hold up. Properly designed and built. Had a buddy who crashed a Mi 8 CFIT and he too walked away.


    An few lessons could could be learned from he Russians when it comes to " pilot care" unfortunately the American western courage mentality discludes this over built technology based on cost. Sure there are fancy crash proof g absorbing seats but what about the air frame. They made some good advances with the angry egg and the bell Mediums ar OK but Bell and EC can't hold a candle to the Kamov or Mil stuff.


    Glad the crew are fine.





  7. No but heard that its a really informative and provides some decent knowledge via a vie safety around the wires. Having had flown up in the LG,s in northern Quebec in the early 90's it's would have been a good thing to have. But in the day it was on the job training with the head " monteur" showing you how to approach and operate in the wire environment . Taking off and landing between the 500000 kva lines was a hair raising experience.


    Definitely a good idea to get some knowledge.




  8. Free wheel. I agree with the points you make however I still concede that SMS is a useful tool for larger companies but it won't work for the smaller ones. A reversion to the hiring of more inspectors is the only way to assure greater over site of the small operators and assure compliance.




  9. So what you are telling us is that you are calling it a Tiger because it has nothing to do with the manufacturers life limit but because it is failing due to something completely different. So why do you mention the manufacturers life limit?


    Compressor life limit= x hrs. Operator runs it through acidic conditions, blades wear etc. operator skimps on preventative maintenance washes etc. compressor does not make life limit. Operator continues to run item despite all this because he monitors his own SMS and ignores or fudges it. That simple ! component does not make life limit and should be replaced or overhauled prior to life limit.


    Don't think I can be any more clear. Same for blades run through industrial pollution prior repairs etc.


    But hold on the book says its ok for x hrs??. Yes in a perfect world.










    I take it that you are implying that parts do not actually last their certified life.


    Please tell us what the manufacturers life limits actually mean.


    Also please explain to us the "miracle" of the blades not coming apart. What I read is that blades can come apart anytime before the manufacturers limits. If this is true then you had best contact Transport Canada and let them know that every helicopter - even with brand new parts - is at risk of coming apart at anytime!


    I am eagerly awaiting your response before my next flight!



    Edit: Sorry ... I missed the last post. I didn't realize that you had confirmed you are an idiot.



    Yes Jim - blades,spherical bearings,engines, and various other items often don't make it to book life mostly due to environmental issues salt, sand etc. but that's ok Jim we can pretend its a tiger because that's what's in the book,



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  11. Yes I will explain. But before I do it's important to draw an analogy so there is good comprehensive understanding of how people think and " what it says in the book"


    I was sitting in a bar in Africa , in Mwanza Tanzania to be more specific and there was a local sitting a few chairs down , we were enjoying a few cocktails then on the bar TV a national geographic show started called " Tigers" . As we both watched in Awe at these beautiful creatures suddenly a Lepeord entered the seen. I said " look a leopard" the African man beside me said " what" I responded again " it's a leopard" he say back in his chair all with a sterness and said " We'll if that's a leopard then why would they call the program " Tigers" .


    So yes the blades can go to 5000 hrs but under what conditions had the been operated? There had been several repairs . Having operated in several parts of the world different environmental conditions engines and other components don't make it to book life.


    Again it's this " what the book says mentality that further inhibits the chance of SMS working in smaller companies" where is the preventative thinking in that?






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  12. Money and greed vs safety. It can work! But hold on!


    The advocates for the SMS system believe in a perfect world where business will accept operating losses in the face of long term safety improvements ." Good maintenance is good for business" -business with piles of money put in to fix problems preventively may work only when there is an infrastructure in place in and the CEO or president is not the SMS guy too.


    SMS guy working in a small feet operation reports a problem goes to his boss for cash to fix it and guess what- no money!! He cannot force his safety beliefs on the boss of the small business.


    SMS does work under situations of just business culture and a large enough corporation with the means.


    SMS does not work for the majority of small operators. The bottom line -short term or the means out balances the process.


    Miss guided willfull blindness if one believes that human nature and greed wont push the limits.


    Seen it happen over and over! Saw one company years ago run a set of MR blades down to the last hour, miracle they didn't come apart- just to squeeze the last drop of rev out of the deal .. Why because bell said they would go 5000 hrs. The chief engineer left over the issue and would have no part of it. So another chief engineer was hired.







  13. Sounds like Freddy got fingered!!

    Now that's a better question !!!! Yes it looks as though we may well have to invent a guard shield to prevent intentional inadvertent unsolicited bum fingering! Brilliant!


    Every flight suit or pair of Carharts destined for the Canadian Rotary industry should come with a double layered asshoole protection device sewed right into the fabric this way you won't think about having to put it on everyday and its just there for that inevitable attempted intrusion.. I guess optional zippers or a quick release hatch could be installed for those who like taking it!


    Sign me up for the base model.



  14. As i'm sure that most people in the Canadian helicopter industry have heard, a pilot had a severe emotional breakdown in a camp in Northern BC. The pilot worked for Lakelse Air and is a good friend of mine. He is a high time pilot and very talented on a longline.

    Before everyone starts judging and contributing to the rumor mill...think about one thing...this could have been a member of your family or good friend.An aircraft was damaged and the pilot is now getting the medical attention he needs.

    At the end of the day no one was hurt and machines can be repaired.

    You just never know what you are going to wake up to and the mind is a mysterious thing!




    James Carr



    Yes the mind is a mysterious thing! Unfortunately given the total lack of professionalism and all the unjustifiable crap that goes especially when dealing with certain people ( who are often in position of power due to nepotism or what have you, or just complete lying arse holes) its really not surprising that even a completely normal stable person could absolutely loose it and go postal. Sane people can only deal with absurdity for so long


    Not surprising in the least!




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  15. Looks like a flying suppository ! At least they got the engine right . Won't be long until operators will try to put in a sand cast gearbox LTS thinking they will save money only to find out years later that inter mountain turbine is the only one of few places to get it fixed. More headache. TM all the way don't cheap out ! Better yet get on the engine exchange program and waits days for a module.


    Penny wise pound foolish!


    Hope it works out for BELL!




  16. The VFR industry in Canada is by and large a seasonal employment gig. Unless you are in Mgmt or work for a company that pays and keeps crews year round. Very few. It's pogee for most. It would be nice if most companies kept crews on year round but given today's many small mom and pop ops and the ongoing rates plunge it's getting harder and harder for even the larger companies to support year round employment. Add to all of this a fickle exploration market driven by junior and medium sized ex companies that still have a hard time to get credit post economic wipe out 2009-2010-2011 it's still a bleak out look. And yes there is the foreign worker issue based on misleading employment rates specific to the market and driven by industry to assure a market supply for crews requiring the least amount of effort and cost to the bottom line.


    The only plausible solution today is to assure you have a non Heli based job to fall back on, and what ever you do don't believe anyone who triies to sell you on the idea that its a career. It's going from job to job and getting the work when and if you can find it.


    Or go international there are various ways to achieve this but it's becoming more and more difficult if you don't already have the ATPL. In this case you need to seek out an effective plan to get there.




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