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  1. Yes it is unfortunate, normally bullies do this by way of insulting the person and not adressing the facts... ( how clever- its also grouped with inuendo and catchy buzz words) Unfortunately there are many of these types around... I commend Mr. Lewis for sticking his neck out on this thing, the folks who want to keep the duty hrs up and working hours high are mostly mgmt types. I would like to see a more reasonable work day 10-12 hrs max and 14 days rotations.... Good luck
  2. Whitestone, on 24 Jan 2013 - 22:13, said: United we stand, divided we fall and it seems like all we have been doing is falling since i got into this business. This thread is a foreshadowing of why there will never be a pilots association and why we will continue to take what is offered not what is fair. When i first started flying an old timer told me that roughly 70% of the guys in this industry have no integrity or morals, at the time though i respected him i did not believe him, now i know better. It does not matter if what Fred L is presenting is not bang on or even close, take a look at the work he did and if channeled properly what could become of it. As a group we are so short sighted... I look at all the back stabbing i have experienced on the job and it does not surprise me that it goes on here too, it's just helicopter pilots doing what they do best. I am hybrid and been in this disfunctional aviation business for 35+ years and I approve this message. lol I hope no one outside the industry reads these forums....... Yes all true, unless you live in a world of complete delusion, willfull blindness and complete disengeniuos thinking. Im sure HV and few others here will completely disagree with this despite in your face facts.. This is human nature we tend to decide on what we want our reality to be then we modify the surounding facts to fit the picture. Willfull blindness... The old timer was 100% correct... I guess you learn to accept it after a while.....and carry on... P5
  3. Yes Yes Cory, heard it all before.... The point is that with managerial bullying the suggestion of any form of free will speech,opinion is not going to be achieved.. Those who do are black listed...Case in point.... The whole process make for some nice window dressing though.. Well done long live Mr. Asch P5
  4. Question Fred... ? Are you retired from this business...? Because if you are yur in a good position to start something... Those of us that are not have to be careful not to be too opinionated...(no matter what we know or believe the truth is) We are unfortunately bound by compliance with the Asch conformity experiment until such time as livelihoods and feeding kids don't depend on it. Unfortunately it would be nice to be able to speak ones mind and fight like **** for change... but this would ultimately lead to disassociation, and basically being ganged up on and put on the imaginary don't hire list....Yes, there is freedom of speech in Canada but don’t think for minute that anyone who hinders or disagrees with the GM at GSH or any senior member of management is up for, or put on the preferential hire list..... So Fred, if you are the guy I will support your efforts, but be forewarned, yull be a hunted man and it takes calcentrous insides to still be breathing after all is said and done… Baton down the gun hatches…
  5. Advanced Member 370 posts Posted 21 January 2013 - 05:22 PM The two sides here are not necessarily incongruent. I have always hated the way the media decides which side you're on in any debate. If you thought the long gun registry was ridiculous (which it most assuredly was) then you weren't for gun control... Unless you adopt the most prominent position as your own you are off in some hinterland, or so it seems to me. Moderates are never able to speak because the zealots in any argument are usually the most vocal. In the matter of these new flight and duty regulations, there are many positions and even more opinions. The WG report took a structure designed for airline operations and bastardized it for the Canadian aviation industry. It probably works for the airlines but not for unscheduled operations of the kind that dominates Canadian industry. The North Sea is all offshore, highly regimented, scheduled and based (from the client's perspective) on the producing wells that generate a return against which the helicopter activity is budgeted. We are talking apples and purple onions here if you compare this to the majority of helicopter activity in Canada. It is true that some Operators abuse their employees. It is also true that most reputable companies do not. If I don't like how I'm being treated I can very easily move over to a different company. I, for one, am ok with looking at changes to the Canadian regs but they should come from a proper study and analysis. When people talk about "International Standards and Wages" they almost always mean scheduled operations offshore. That is big petro dollars paying for regular service. It's very similar to the airlines and I am not surprised that some pilots think the new regs would work for them. You can only be on duty 8.3 hrs per day (max 60 per 7 days) under the proposed changes and since you'd be paid the same anyway working offshore I'm sure lots of guys would think that was great. That doesn't mean it's got anything to do with safety though. Our petition (of which we have close to 700 pilots having signed and less than 50 who have completed the survey without signing) is a demand that we don't go any further down this road. I worked overseas under the European rules... They are ridiculous for VFR exploration-type work let me tell you... I don't believe they will increase safety in any way whatsoever and that's why I'm passionate about this. Although I am in management I am not looking at this from that perspective. I am only thinking of myself as a pilot and reacting in that regard. I think the proposals are ridiculous because they are OBVIOUSLY not written for deployed helicopter operations. So why would we adopt them when they aren't in Europe, where the **** things originated?? Is this not basic math? Let's get a helicopter working group together and hammer out rules that make sense and work for us. HV Yes lets do that Harmonic Vibe! I am all for 2 and 2 and a 10 hr work day! Pefect. I also want to be paid all year long and do not want my life to be part of the owners profit accomplishment plan and pushed into the EI scheme. I want clear legal definitions for " commonly used terms like " contract" -" seasonal" or commonly used variants like "contract part-time seasonal" or " full time contract seasonal" I would also like a reporting system put in place that can be accessed by all Canadian operarors so they can access canadian pilots/ permanenet residents and so there is clear and transparent process in place... I am sure that the operators would want this too as they too want transparency and fairness.. Keep up the great work HV. P5
  6. If these new rules come into effect it may be the tipping point and all Helicopter companies will have to shut down as there is no profit in this business as it stands now and these extra operating expenses will be the end of all. Customers won't pay more and fires will burn out of control, villages and cities will burn , oil , and mineral companies will cease all exploration using helicopters opting to import Peruvian migrant labour to manually haul drills by foot across the tundra . There is potential disaster looming here! It sadens me to think that pilots may have to spend more time at home. P5
  7. Gods speed Wayne! Best to family and friends !
  8. Hi Guy ( if its the Guy I know) Wasn't sure sure you were still alive.. I see now you are determined to keep flying despite your impairments! I know the gadget you speak of but have no clue where you could find one, good idea though if someone could build and sell them. Best/Salut John
  9. If you are 25-30 the answer is yes. Get into Helijet as Cojo find some shared accomodation in Vancouver or whatever you can adfford on the meager salary and do your time. Get the ATPL.... Helijet is a great way to get the ball rolling and get that twin time. If on the other hand you are over 40... abandon all hope keep on VFRing... you are too old to adapt to the new glass cockpit technology and it is beyond your learning ability and ceratonin levels...( not really buy its how its percieved) by most training pilots at the big 5 who themselves are relics... go figure.... Then there is the WOMBAT. Glad to share the secret of that device..( cause its a load of crap) but apparently the best way to see if you can manage the multicrew multitask crew concept. Frankly the only cratures on earth I know that can effectively multitask are women!!! bestt of luck!
  10. Good point..GM. kinda makes it hard to make hay when sunny too.. a 42 when the flying is a plenty can fill bank account fast... Wish efforts were directed at fixing bigger problems... Like burnt out engineers that have no duty day... Not sure its safe to have an overworked engineer working on the office in low light doing lockwire..." to me this is a bigger issue that needs to be adressed..".I would sooned have a well rested and engineer fixing gear and not making any mistakes becuase he is tired!!!
  11. Yes sorry it's the opinion of HAC that reduced pilot fatigue is bad for business and bad for safety! I will require a full explanation in less that 20 words without the bafflegab'.
  12. Can you please explain how this is bad for safety as stated in your post . I can see how it's bad for business . Is it your assertion that if operators have to staff additional crew or indirectly paying more for labour means they spend less on helicopter parts and maintenance?? I would assume that the losses as result of increased crew costs would come out off the top end - (after tax profits) have no effect on safety as per self monitoring SMS that helps increase safety when accountable executive is overseeing parts and maintenance costs?? I may have missed something here please explain ? The logic?? Please define the reduction in pilot fatigue vs safety ?
  13. The IFR world has a lot to offer! At 40 some companies see this as a deficiency chc in particular. Getting in as a co-Jo with the hopes of one day sitting in the captains seat without at least 500 hrs twin to meet the offshore oil requirements is a non starter. Most if not all offshore companies give little to no considrration to non 2 crew cockpit experience. So any hours on turbine Singles is basically useless. The best way to get in is through working first for STARS - Helijet or Orange. These are The best routes. So better to get going young when there isn't this preconceived notion that older folks can't learn!! As far as co-Jo positions overseas?? Most are staffed by locals! Best of luck in your quest and if ya can get the 6 and 6 good on ya! Long time away from munchkins though but great when yur home and time to plan and have a life !!!
  14. Grass Hopper How do you figure that a local HAC chapter ( if it existed representing the interests of pilots ) would assist said pilot or engineer who is an employee of one of its members in a case where the Employer has violated say employment standards for example?. I suppose they could suspend the Member or take punitive actions... but hold! on dont companies that have membership in HAC pay huge dues?? In short i would think that operators that get pee pee slapped by HAC would think twice about writing that check... and who then funds HAC? Its a non starter. ( conflict of interest) Perhaps i have missed somthing though...Please do tell..
  15. Agree with Ryan. Chow in easy Africa is as cheap as chips compared to west Africa . I would advise that you ask some of the folks there about security. If they are flying around in bullet proof vests then there is a reason for it and wages should reflect risk! P5
  16. NEPOTISM? COME ON! There is just no way that this is the way it works... The thing that really ruffles my feathers is that they will swear up and down that the process is fair and transparent... I think another good word or 2 that could be added is "DISENGENUOUS" followed by the phrase "Willful Blindnes" How do i know... heard it form somebody that worked there... and so true about non aviation types running the joint... p5
  17. Geez Elvis ya did'nt need to burn the joint down! There must of been some other way to get back for the banning!
  18. Well as soon as those rotors are turning its moving all over the place, vertical and horizontal . A 205 I once flew had so much vertical could have swore it was bouncing off the ground and therefore moving under power and leaving the ground if only for a millisecond and 1 1000 th of a milimeter and therefore " off the ground" for those folks that really want to nit-pick ! So if we really want to be scientifically accurate airtime and flight time ate the same thing! End of discussion!
  19. Get used to it!! Its not a professional industry, respect, confidentiality etc.Maybe once was, but today there are only a handful of companies that are actually worth working for. P5
  20. I'm gonna disagree with any negative votes on this one. Grasshopper has a point. Feudal times is right. There are yet some bigger questions as to whether the whole thing works at all! Still trying to enlighten! Sometimes people listen. Some time they don't! Just hopping that when I die there is some kind of wicked viking burial, with flaming arrows and such! Cogno Ergo Sum. P5
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