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  1. Whitestone, I'll have to disagree with your statement on the government side. Having had a direct and ongoing involvement with HRDC and Immigration Canada, I can assure you that our government takes this issue as it pertains to our little industry very seriously.



    Temporary foreign worker program facing changes

    CBC News Posted: Mar 30, 2012 3:46 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 30, 2012 3:12 PM ET

    (Jacques Boissinot/Canadian Press)



    Changes hinted at in Thursday's federal budget will require employers who bring in temporary workers to ensure that they've more thoroughly scoured the local labour force before turning to workers from outside Canada.


    "The government will look at ways to ensure that businesses have made all reasonable efforts to recruit from the domestic labour force before accessing the temporary foreign worker program," the budget says.


    It's not more specific than that. A spokesperson in the office of Human Resources Minister Diane Finley said further details will be provided in the next few months.


    The issue could affect employers who bring in thousands of foreign temporary workers to fill occupations as diverse as live-in caregivers and seasonal agricultural workers, as well as some workers in the construction and resource industries.


    The temporary foreign worker program lets Canadian employers hire foreign workers on a temporary basis to fill immediate skills and labour shortages "when Canadians and permanent residents are not available," according to the program's guidelines.


    Employers who want to bring in foreign workers must satisfy a number of conditions.

  2. First off, a very good first post by "Deep Throat the third", you hit the nail on the head but with humor (second post in this thread).


    There are two things that the "neanderthals" in any business hate and that is as CJM91 stated, people who are "smarter" and if i may add... (?) those who stand up for themselves. The psychology of making the employee feel indebted or worthless has little effect on one who has options but is terrifying to anyone who is not in a position to walk away, a fact well known to most in upper management. Education gives you options whether it be blue or white collar. It isn't always the smartest thing to let people know you are educated because you will seem (or be) a threat to them and they will gang up on you Yes, just like in grade school, remember that big bully? He became a helicopter pilot as well only this time he isn't stealing your lunch money he is stealing your livelihood and destroying your credibility because he fears you.


    They make you an outcast because of your education and insight and the fact that you don't drop the "f-bomb" twice in every sentence but then would call on you for the very skills that separate you from the "unwashed" masses. I so hear you CJM91, i too just go about my business, do my job but no one gets the full package anymore, i have learned to keep that to myself. A while back i did slip up and got a very pointed question from a "boss" about my "experience" but i just shrugged it off saying i had watched a program on TV. LOL


    A very good post too by P5 who seems to be one of the ones one this site who speaks for the most part what no one wants to hear but needs saying. (that this industry [and all others] is/are rotten, corrupt and filled with unintelligent backstabbers) I don't agree with everything he posts but his post in this thread is solid in my opinion, spelling mistake aside.(and really who gives a "dam" about that?)



    As for wrenching and flying... i wouldn't do it. There are many who would and do but i have seen far too many guys get screwed by having to do both jobs, flying half asleep because you spent the night doing an inspection (duty day? no that was a duty NIGHT, totally different!) and NEVER being FAIRLY compensated for carrying both tickets. Do you think that your employer would ever say to you, "Hey Joe, you saved us a bundle on a plane ticket for that last inspection, here's $2000 for helping us out, we appreciate it!" Never in all my years have i seen that and if it is out there somewhere it is being kept a secret from me! Then there's the old argument that knowing how to wrench could save you from a night in the bush but it hasn't saved me so far, not saying it wouldn't or that it hasn't saved others, just not me so far. You'll have your plate full enough just being a pilot, that is if you are one of those few who is not afraid to pick up a broom or clean up the ops gear and so forth.



    Well said... I wish I had your graceful way/words. Unfortunately my patience is zero, when dealing with or listening to what can only be a described as a systemic viral infection of pandemic proportion that has overtaken what once used to be a "gentlemanly" occupation and has now been devoured by the uncouth, who's main preoccupation is bullying under some delusional premiss of "god given belief or divine right "that they have some special skill or attitude that trumps all". This is the same high school mentality group who advocate this principal of the "cull". It's a frat bot club mentality and makes me want to break into projectile vomiting. Sorry I'll try to contain myself.......


    I am still holding out hope that there will some magic pill that will come along one day. Or maybe fate will round the corner and once and for all eliminate the scourge of morons.


    That is all.



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  3. Well


    A university degree teaches you how to learn, and depending on the degree you will be exposed to bigger ideas. philosophy, psychology, socialiogy,human rights, and such concepts or ideas, even when in pure sciences as your major( engineering- medicine etc), you will be forced to take some of these courses that open your mind to ideas that truck drivers never get to explore. So when you get into the VFR Helicopter industry with all of these different way of thinking about life, human behavior, and such, you may find yourself run into a road block with people that just havent explored the anals of human thinking as much as you might have. It can end up 2 ways: Either you just say ok dummy I agree! or you will find yourself frustrated beyond belief and possibly go mad at the the stupidty you are faced with. Either way you will eventually find your path. My advice is that if you intentions are to be a dedicated professional pilot due to the current avearage of education requirement imposed by Transport Canada, best way is to dummy down and forget about univeristy completely. If on the other hand you want to go the military route get the degree and go that route; but realize that when you leave you are still going to be faced with the same problem of dealing with a majority of morons that have grade 10 and a very narrow view of the world. Unfortunatley!


    These same morons are the ones that use the word or phrase"be Professional" all the time.. Which I still have a great deal of difficulty understanding.


    Its all good and good luck!



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  4. It's really quite unbelievable the ammount of Job's that are avialable for both Pilots and Engineers... What happened...? The economy is still just barely making it...and the global outlook is bleak! So what has changed in the last 18 months and why all of sudden are there so many adverts out for aircrew..? there also seems to be an increased amout of adverts for Pilots on the HRDC jobs website...Havent checked the Northern Miner lately?!


    Any insight or a clear reason or combination of reasons to help explian this recent change would be appreciated..


    P5 :up:

  5. .... I am sure it will be the same political boondoggle it always is, when this request for pilots comes out of Calgary.

    Probably go to some inexperienced friend of a friend.



    Hold on not officially true! The oficial line is transparency and complete fairness as with most government organizations.. I highly doubt that there will be any form of nepotism or favoritism :huh: but then again its the same situation with most federal agencies.. Not what you know or how qualified but who you know...but who you blow!


    That't life in the official world of window dressing and such.. But hum-diddly it sounds good and is believable if you are a complete moron!



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  6. If negative comments about people/employers can be misleading, can't positive comments be just as misleading? I don't understand how one form of lying about a person or employer is bad, but another form of lying is good? To take it to the extreme, bad comments/opinions (even if true) are unacceptable, but lies (even if false) are acceptable?


    "So and so is great!" when they're actually crap (ex: false financial statements by Wall Street people) is just as libelous as "So and so is crap!" when they're actually great.


    Talking crap is bad but blowing sunshine up everyone's arse all day long (even if it is completely false) is accepted?


    To be fully objective and equal, bad OR GOOD comments/opinions relating to any person or company should be banned. Bad or good comments/opinions could be equally misleading, slandering, or libelous. If someone (or an advertisement) on Vertical tells me ACME Helicopters is a great place to work and I go there and find out it's actually a crap place to work (because they were lying to get people in the door), can I then sue Vertical for facilitating libelous comments?




    Never truer words spoken! The reality is that its an ego driven business... There are those who feel for some reason that they posses some god given right to go about talking crap about people they haven't even met... There was one guy I know who has such a large ego he went out of his way to call my employer to "warn" them....My employer blew it off but was shocked by the underhanded crap that goes on and it ended backfiring and I even got promoted... Despite labour and other laws that are there to protect people from such things some folks believe they have the monopoly on what is good and is bad... and for the most part its based on inuendo and second hand knowledge.. Thank goodness the person in question is not a regular in the industry anymore and has taken work with the federal government. ( oh boy perhaps fitting) Facts are one thing and speculation is another... don't se anything wrong with questioning things to seek clarity and truth..


    It is what it is,,,,





  7. When the $5000 Bonus thread was open, some posts suddenly disappeared shortly after being posted...

    then the whole thread disappeared into thin air.......*POOF*.....as if it was a magician's trick.


    It's interesting that the thread about bonuses in our industry was about as vapourous as so many of the promises that are made in our industry.....


    OOPS, my legal team has just advised me to mention that this post is no suggestion that any of the bonuses offered here were anything other than real and genuine.

    He He He.


    I love this place......it's like a TV soap opera......should the name be "As the Rotor Turns", or should we just leave it as "All My Children"?




    Jeesh is right! I have another shot of that MEK.thanks .. hmmm hmmmm good!



  8. Simple answers to your simple questions.



    1. What is the best part of your job? The flying seeing the world!


    2. What is the worst part of your job? Dealing with management that has no formal management training that then leads to dishonesty or wilful blindness


    3. Any regrets in choosing your career? No! but wish had done IFR earlier than later.


    4. If someone you knew was considering getting their commercial license, would you recommend it to them? Not at the moment but with reforms to the industry yes.


    5. What advice would you give to a multi-talented, low-time pilot with a couple hundred hours under his/her belt and few years' experience in the industry, potential for a family, and considering pursuing some other career instead of the glorified chopper pilot? Get an IFR and some twin time and get the **** out of the VFR market as fast as you can.


    6. Do you consider yourself successful? Why or why not? So far so good.




  9. Well I tend to agree if you consider the US contribution to the ICAO budget! having worked directly with ICAO TCB back in the early 90's these definitions are designed with US standards in mind then are miraculously supposed to be considered over the broader spectrum including lesser developed nation states. This is were the French an and such firms like Bureau Veritas tried to seize the regulatory consultancy market! But what do I know ? P5

  10. Surely you jest, P5! It's all about being young at heart. LII years and counting. B)


    ShirleyI do GH! Hold on!I have never done Shirley !


    Sorry for the thread drift ! Avoid flying low and remember that it's all about managing the inherent risk! Avoid other aviation related Tom foolery as well!


    Note: the comments above are based solely on fiction and in no way reflect or otherwise imply any association with any real person named "Tom" or "Shirley".



  11. P5,


    After turning 40 I became a helicopter pilot. Clearly the joke was on me!


    Sorry for the thread drift, but I had to say it!!







    40 ha! But I get the point! Suppose if I had chosen another career path I could afford to buy a perfectly good british land rover and add a set of redneck cheese ball rims and ruin the whole thing and actually feel cool and young again! What dreams may come! 50 is closing in ! On the freedom 85 program for now... Know anything about that grasshopper


    ?? For now I working to out do Jan E's record of 50 years in aviation !?


    Cheers p5

  12. Sadly there's a lot of sniping at each other here for no apparent reason.

    It was a good question.


    For you guys that live by airmanship and common sense......

    Let's not forget that altitude and airspeed are your friends.

    Don't fly lower than you have to.


    For you guys that live by the rules.....

    Here is the first rule of the "General Rules" section,

    "Reckless or Negligent Operation of Aircraft

    602.01 No person shall operate an aircraft in such a reckless or negligent manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger the life or property of any person".

    (.....yep, that includes people on the ground or in the air).


    For you guys that are professional pilots and make a career of flying every day in the mountains and/or over cities.....

    Helicopters are a tool, not a toy, so handle them accordingly.

    Use the wisdom of both the sections above, fly low only when you must, and fly safe all the time.




    Best not to fly low if it can be avoided. Risk management issue me thinks..


    Cant believe I qualify to join Whirly Birds... :(


    Now if anyone can provide any good advice on how to offset midlife crises now that would be usefull and greatly appreciated.



  13. Woa! P5, you sound like a Eurocopter pilot!

    Is there any openings?



    Unfortunately not at the moment... But PM me and Ill see what I can do..


    Will say working on the European- International circuit is a whole lot different than working as a pilot in Canada... Not to knock the VFR industry but the standards are let's just say just a tad bit more gentlemanly in all aspects from dealing with CPs and Ops especially . Glad I'm here and made the move... Not to be degrading but dealing with the truck-driver mentality for me is a thing of the past thank god!! Took me 10 years to find my place but glad i did... Non of the same problems have resurfaced.. Great bunch of gents without the same old boring "i disagree with you" therefore bad attitude or profoundly intellectually deficient or dishonest arguments..


    P5 :)

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  14. Well I am a touring pilot 6 and 6 and can't say I have the same problem...


    Arrive at Montreal Trudeau... Check bags in with KLM... Ticket agent says good day... I can see that you are a Flying Blue Silver member sir... Today is your lucky day we have 2 spots open is business class and I am going to upgrade you... I say great and thanks.. Once on board the flight takes off on time direct to Amsterdam... After having enjoyed a comfortable 7 hours flight reclined watching movies that are even out on PPV in Canada yet.when I get home . Its off to the Airport Bar for a cold Hieneken while I wait for my connexion into final destination and strike up conversation with all kinds of interesting people from all over the world....Failing that there is also the Flying blue Silver- Gold waiting area..... ;)


    Upon arrival after another "on time" departure with bags checked straight through arrive at final destination get picked up by company driver who carries all my bags to my room at the 4 star hotel overlooking the a splendid vista and 28oc. :up:


    Maybe you should look for another touring position.



  15. I have read the posts about the value of taking a mountain course and have to say i agree with Jullian. Taking a mountain course is a good thing, the added experience will help you out but it's not the only way to go. It's certainly touted as such by schools who have a product they are trying to sell. I started my career in the Mountains and flew for years without taking a course. You don't have to take a mountain course to be a good mountain pilot, i know many who are that did not. Arm yourself with knowledge, talk to other pilots about your flying if you can find one you trust won't stab you in the back... , read as much as you can about the subject and when you are flying don't accept an approach or departure that was sloppy, go over it in your mind and "fly" it perfectly in your mind so next time you will do it with precision. How long does it take to cover the fundamentals, things like optical illusions, the movement of air over and around solid objects, the performance of the machine at altitude and managing the weather? If you want to pay from 20 to 80k or more to have that demonstrated to you, well nice to be you but another route is to do a bit of reading and be aware and go into mountain flying just like any other new discipline, go light till you get the hang of it and not in the most severe weather. When i finally did take a mountain course it seemed to me they were teaching me things that i had figured out for myself and/or had read about and was aware of. Be serious about accumulating knowledge on the subject, get your boss to go out for a few hours and spend some time shooting some approaches. The rest is practice and keeping your hand in it.



    A school could never teach you all there is to know about mountain flying, as every day in the mountains is different, hotter or colder, strong or light wind, steady or variable, humid or dry, cloudy or clear. I think, get the "ground school" knowledge and do some flying with an experienced mountain pilot at "your" company who CAN teach and show you the basics, then go out into the world and start accumulating experience yourself. No amount of money or school can prepare you for what's waiting out there. If you are a smooth, precise, cautious pilot armed with knowledge you will do well.


    You must convince HAC and BCFS and Alberta and a hole bunch of other folks of your theory. No doubt the experience is invaluable.


    It is and remains a requirement in some provinces/states for forestry work. Can't see this changing in the near or late future except a greater movement by end users to ramp up stricter compliance with training requirements if anything. That is of course if the Insurance industry has anything to do with it!



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  16. A good pilot can do well in the mountains with a good head on their shoulders and no mountain course. Because you don't have the Canadian course dosen't make you any less of a pilot, or less skilled with the right amount of experience.



    Well Julian I do not agree. Here is why!


    In 1999 I had what I felt was lots of experience (600 hrs or so) in the mountains. Low and behold while landing in a tight spot in the Torngat Mountains ( east coast) had a hard landing in a Bell 206 and managed to pop a few holes in the skid gear and bent the cross tube.. the isolation mount cut loose and the Trany started rocking all over the place..Felt like the dam thing was gonna come apart. Of course had landed at 6500 feet before in the western side of the foot hills of Alberta before under close to the same met conditions wind direction ect. What i had failed to recognize or calculate into my assessment was that due to the lack of surface friction partly due to the lack of trees the wind did something a little different and was not where it was supposed and allot stronger closer to the landing area than I had expected. Scared the crap out of the client and myself as well....


    The bottom line! You cannot learn everything you can about mountain flying by experience and its more prudent to try to learn by studying the mistakes of others...In our business its just not reasonable to assume that going out and experimenting through trial and error is the best or safest way.


    Even today after 1000's of hours in the mountains, there are still things that surprise me even with the knowledge of a mountain course... So I will disagree with you on your statement...



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  17. Hey guys. Any recent study guides or ideas on writing these exams other than the TC Study Guides? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance




    There are some small variances between the CP and Ops exam. Use the study guide and copy and paste the applicable regulation per point in the outline. Then study. Wrote them and passes all in 2009 so should be the same set of exams.. There are 3 of each purdy sure...


    I would recommend at least a few good days of revising the material.There is no magic formula just study.


    Multiple guess but like most TC exams RTQ. ( read the question)


    I believe a 80% is required topass but cant remember.



    The PRM exam if you have to write it and not an engineer is a bit more work.. tool calibration rules ect..


    Good luck



  18. First and foremost Happy New Year All!!!


    At a first glance it looks to be a good year for pilots looking for work. Just on this website alone there are many companies looking for pilots and engineers. So at the outset it looks like a good year to be looking for a Job. VIH,TNTA, Highland, ect and a bunch that seem new to the market. Have at er!!!


    I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous new year! :up:



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