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  1. They keep guys because at the end of the year your T4 is what matters. Last ten years I have never had to worry about receiving a paycheque or missing a payment. Just give them a call if you want to know.
  2. You have two options, Install windows and use the Disk, or if you always have internet on hand, bell manuals are online for free as a PDF file at bellhelicopters.net
  3. Thanks I do have the socket, so I'll put the 12mm back in the pelican.
  4. Hey guys I have removed out of my travel box all my standard wrenchs and sockets that I don't use for the BH206 But when it came to my metric stuff, I'm a bit stumped, the ones that look like they haven't been used are the 21,18,16,15,12,9mm wrench's. no mastonox atleast on them. Do I need any of these? and if only used in one spot, will Knipex do? Thanks
  5. I think the economy won't finish settling until after the holidays, people will likely hold onto there cash, and spend very little, and then slowly start spending in the new year. which means that fuel won't really start to rise until late spring. That being said our industry won't see any real work until the fall of 2010 at the earlyest.
  6. Always glad to hear about true heros. I hope Mr Woodhead is found alright. After just loosing a very close friend in northern Que who was missing for a week, its painful to see another person is missing.
  7. Ok I'll try and stick to new ideas here. First off only magnet I use, is a magnet sown in the finger tip of a finger removed off a glove. I bought mine off a tool truck. Next get your self one of those mastercraft ratchet wrench with all the bits, take a 9/64 bit and cut a bunch of the butt off, until it only sticks out of the ratchet wrench a few mm's. only two bolts on the alison case halfs it won't get, but a regular allen key will. I bought a 10.6v lithium mini drill two years ago and everyone laughed, but now 60% of the guys at work have one, and makita just came out with
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