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  1. Try wool instead, it might help with dexterity 😀!
  2. +1 for layering. my biggest discomfort due to previous frostbite injury (thanks Don at RLO!) is frozen fingers. A combination that I have found effective is a thin woolen glove worn inside Black Diamond Gloves. They (Black D. used to, at least) make these with leather palms and thumb and index finger leather tips which still allowed for feeling if messing with switches and radios etc as well as really good dexterity. in really cold weather or deep snow (skiing), Sorels were my go-to for foot wear... hth s
  3. There are many clients that have minimum hour requirements for simple stuff that a 100 hr guy could do which a prospective employee with 3000 hrs of tours could be easily placed in. Then if the employer was interested in developing him/her and broadening their skill set then they will have an asset who (if treated properly; they are human beings after all!) will stick around and make the companies customers happy. Win/win for everyone! Too bad that the 100 hr pilot couldn’t do it (eg; lease site servicing etc) but it is what it is... there is so much complaining about lack of qualified staff by companies and forum members but it seems little effort to bring people in (or up) from within. I think companies have to take some ownership of the experience crunch.
  4. The names were in the CBC’s article two days ago. They did not publish a cause. You seem ready to assign blame saying somebody “GOOFED”. Perhaps you should let TSB in on what you know
  5. Q: Would TSB know the cause in such a short period of time? A: No Sad news indeed. Condolences to the families in what should be a happy time of year...
  6. He also forgot the apostrophe in “youre”. S’posed to be you’re... Idiot
  7. jeez 1cloud, sounds like you used to work for ruperts land.
  8. for those of you who live out east, do you know where in montreal i can pick up a current CFS and VNC's, please? thanks in advance. s
  9. i was on a ferry trip from new york to texas (a canadian in a C-reg machine (uh-oh!)) and somewhere over kentucky on one of the local airport frequencies (122.7 or 122.8 i beleive) i heard a huge belch over the radio.
  10. you are on the right track (and not to muddy the waters mind you) but keep in mind if you are at a low enough pressure altitude and you can only pull to 94% Q and you haven't reached 98% NG that will be your first limit. you might be overtorqueing the machine 98 % NG at 40 + kts IAS. as long as the bleed valve is closed you can still do a power check.
  11. thanks HV, that is what i was looking for. hope your new year was good!
  12. lots of people licking their chops, i'm sure. does anyone know what variant it is?
  13. overall, i prefer the rupert's land over the other two especially the ATR which i find to be a nuisance. having said that it is the one that i have the least experience with. the Mr T is pretty good but i think it is a bit too light. in my experience with the rupert's land it really depends on how it is looked after. i have had some that drop individual pins just like advertized and i have had others that will spit out an entire rack at once. they are all different and you have to get used to each one. i do find it is easier to pick with though, because it is slightly larger, weightier, and seems to be more stable. that is just me and this forum being what it is, i'm sure someone will pipe up and tell me i'm wrong.
  14. i don't think that helicopters are going to go away. with the increasing price of hydrocarbons it will likely create an increase in demand, at least in the exploration business. i wouldn't be surprised if the equivalent of bio jet-fuel (a derivative of bio-deisel) made an appearance, so long as the engine manufacturers work on getting it approved for their fuel systems. interesting question, though.
  15. cut mel some slack. maybe he hadn't fortified himself with any liqiud courage
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