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  1. Does anyone have a picture of a disassembled rotor head from an R-22/44? In particular I am interested in looking at the type and configuration of the bearings. Thank you!
  2. WOW! This article is fantastic. I am a mechanical engineering student (who loves helicopters) and we are working on using spectral analysis to assess gear train health. In this article the investigation team used spectral analysis of the audio recordings to search for geartrain related frequencies (pg.4). We just need to develop an instrument that can provide a direct spectral analysis of the geartrain to provide a real-time assessment of transmission health... Thank you for your help. Eli
  3. So the freewheeling clutch allows for any small difference in turbine speed and also allow one turbine to still power the rotor if the other fails? Also, are there additional gear reductions in the transmission? I hope this is not too dumb of a question but I have never seen the inside or a helicopter gearbox.
  4. I am doing some analysis on planetary gears for my rotordynamics class and now I am on a mission to find a picture of gearbox internals from a twin turbine helicopter. Does anyone have a picture or exploded diagram of how two turbines are connected to one main rotor? I am particularly interested in the gear layout. Thanks! Eli
  5. When a rotor with a teetering hinge such as a Robinson flaps, does the flapping cause the blade pitch to change with respect to the helicopter as well as the change in angle of attack relative to the air? It seems to me that if the blade were to flap down, there would be a corresponding positive increase in pitch if the swashplate remains fixed. Thanks!
  6. How does the MBB Bo 105 deal with dissymmetry of lift given it's rigid rotor system?
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