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  1. Don't leave SLAL... Known you for a lot of years, not like you to close shop and turn tail. You clarified your comments, cleared the air that it was not regarding your employer, no one called B.S.... You are golden...
  2. Reading the story, don't think it was Bighorn ,,, they have YIP not YAP... But I could be wrong..
  3. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/story/2012/07/12/north-wind-factor-yukon-helicopter-crash.html?cmp=rss Pilots name released...
  4. Looks like the weather here in BC has finally turned around and is becoming "summer"... Fires are starting, let's all be safe, so that we can ALL be back on the site in December, saying "i was on that fire in....."...
  5. Gave you another -1 for asking for help, landsalot.... HeHe !!!!
  6. Condolences to the family, friends and co-workers. Such a horrible day.
  7. Just a quick note to say hey and thanks for posting the Vietnam-era/1st Cav images from Tucson on Photos From the Field a short time back. Rare to see these things here at Vertmag. Warmed me in the middle of a blizzard, it did! LOL. Cheers!

  8. Condolences to the family, friends and family within the police community... RIP...You will be missed...
  9. I do not believe that TC "made" it public, I think that the Greivor appealed it to a court and once concluded, the information is public, if you look deep enough on the net...Just my opinion though... I could be wrong, but I think most court cases are able to be located, if you look in the right spot...
  10. Condolences to the friends and family of those lost in this tragedy.
  11. I still have a clunker that the gov gave me to use.....SAme ones as you see the pilots on "Dust up" wear...Also in the market for something nicer and safer, just got to get the bosses to buy in....
  12. Fair enough.......As long as you can stay focused with all the chatter to do your best, I say thanks.....For me, even after a few days the nonstop buzz in the headset was crazy.... I too just left the Bit Complex....First rotation I was "torch 1" and this time I was FBAN... Which machine wre you flying??? You can PM me, if you wish....
  13. We agree to disagree.....Fair enough.... I, with all due respect (no insult intended, implied or meant), hope that our travels never put us in the same aircraft, as we probably won't get along ...... However, I do wish you safe flying.... Cheers !!!
  14. First of all P5, I take offence to your first line of response here.....I am not a self appointed expert on aviation expertise...BUT If I see unsafe actions I act on them (Whatever level of action that may be).....If you wish for me to turn a blind eye and not deal with the issue, I can do that...But what would that solve??? I am not a ladder climber as you seem to think. I want everyone on the fires, including pilots to be able to go home at the end of the day..... My point of stress and chaos, which you seem to have missed, is that doing a slinging job (for example) with one aircraft
  15. Since you think you kow who I am splitpin, let's take it to PM's so I can discuss.....Since you ar cautioning all to "apply with caution gets me a little pissed...
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