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  1. Yeah we still use it. Definitely has some bugs here and there, but I think it is a really easy way to comply with WB, fdt, and tickets etc. But I wouldn't use it for nav personally
  2. We use cirro A bit learning curve, but it is an amazing set of software. It does everything, flight tickets, weight and balance, duty times, schedule, flight following.. very good. But you have to be willing to learn it. I don't use it for nav. Cause that part is not that good. Pm if you want details
  3. Eagle plains have tons of jet fuel. Not sure about avgas. Tombstones are amazing, follow. Dawson-mayo, mayo- Whitehorse.. I would go to Haines junction (kluane National park) then down to Haines Alaska. Pop over to Skagway. On to Atlin get fuel from Norm at discovery heli. Then Dease Lake, Smithers. Etc etc some amazing country Contact me if you have other questions
  4. Know where you will find the required info. Dress and behave professional. Have a laptop with the regs available.
  5. When I was looking a couple of years ago i found that the posted weight and the actual was very different, the older alpha 200 is still the lightest with comms, but way to big profile for a long fellow like me, I elected to take a chance on the northwall, and I am very very happy, its a fairly snug fit to get it on and off due to the jaw protector, but I found my way. It is very light and very low profile even with 2 internal visors, so for longlining out of it is really no issue.
  6. I got a full suit and love it, stretchy, airy expensive but would do it again. Might get another too..
  7. I guess someone has to come in an be that person. Did you read the first post, clearly some people dont know as much as you Funny nevertheless And i think even Jesus knew that..
  8. All great responses. Nice and clean. I think also worth mention that the external load limit is referring to a load that does not put more weight on the skids. As an example the Bell 407 has a internal limit of 5250 (suck it b3) but an external of 6000. The limiting factor is the skid gear. The powertrain and engine can do 6000 but if you are going down the skid gear wont save your back. as you would be falling faster than a manhole cover..
  9. Tough one, according to https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/aviation/reference-centre/advisory-circulars/ac-700-042.html It has to be tailored to your company... Its gonna be a hard one, I think the whole industry is awaiting something.... You have to design it and send it in to TC for approval.... By end of Jan
  10. Make an appointment at Costco hearing centre. Then show up takes 15 min. Then a week to produce. Doneski
  11. I don't personally believe that anr is a good option. I want to hear everything, and all anr does is send out a frequency that cancels the other ones so fatigue wise you are solid. But now you don't know when you are experiencing a dangerous db. I run the northwall helmet with Costco custom earplugs. Works awesome. Northwall was a big chance as it was so new, but worked out great. Light, small footprint, dual visor internally.. got it from Skye avionics. Costco plugs costs 55$
  12. I bought some custom molds from Costco. 50$ and so freaking great. No noise cancelling or anything, BUT brings everything down enough. And no problem at all
  13. Absolutely we should be making 6 figures, but at what cost. People want to sit in their office or not come in at all when there are things needs to be done... machines to clean. Paperwork to be done, I think a lot of people has lost sight of a bigger picture where we making it very hard for operators to be able to stay open. I know of so many guys that just want to show up for go time make x a day and x hourly and when there is no flying they go and do other stuff... if you have a income of 100-120 should not an operator expect to get a hand with other things at the office/hangar?
  14. If you’re in it for the money girls and glory, you are in the wrong industry. We can make a healthy living and we get to operate the coolest machines ever engineered and we get to see some spectacular views. That is the trade off, if people are leaving cause they are making more money doing whatever, let them leave. Let’s focus on getting 100 hour wonders (that would bend over backwards to get a chance to do a .5 a week) up to snuff and let’s get rid of the people who only complains about everyone, everything and every other company. What do you to change the industry? Are you willing to avera
  15. Pointing at elt and the push for voice and data recorders.....why should we raise the bar on training and procedures? As long as we have a better elt system...
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