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  1. Pilots leaving the industry

    Absolutely we should be making 6 figures, but at what cost. People want to sit in their office or not come in at all when there are things needs to be done... machines to clean. Paperwork to be done, I think a lot of people has lost sight of a bigger picture where we making it very hard for operators to be able to stay open. I know of so many guys that just want to show up for go time make x a day and x hourly and when there is no flying they go and do other stuff... if you have a income of 100-120 should not an operator expect to get a hand with other things at the office/hangar?
  2. Pilots leaving the industry

    If you’re in it for the money girls and glory, you are in the wrong industry. We can make a healthy living and we get to operate the coolest machines ever engineered and we get to see some spectacular views. That is the trade off, if people are leaving cause they are making more money doing whatever, let them leave. Let’s focus on getting 100 hour wonders (that would bend over backwards to get a chance to do a .5 a week) up to snuff and let’s get rid of the people who only complains about everyone, everything and every other company. What do you to change the industry? Are you willing to average out your pay throughout the year to ensure the company you are working for can sustain? Are you willing to cut your salary in half to make sure you have a job to go to in the spring? A while back I asked what a salary would be for a ops manager and also for a chief pilot, the few answers i got was proving to me that people over value them self so much! and I think that is true for pilots engineers ops staff and all really in all lines of work... *awaiting bashing* BP
  3. TRK Helicopters Heli Ski Accident

    Pointing at elt and the push for voice and data recorders.....why should we raise the bar on training and procedures? As long as we have a better elt system...
  4. Contractor life insurance

    Make sure you have a big mortgage which should be easy if you’re in B.C, then the bank offers mortgage life and or disability for a couple hundred a month... also wcb
  5. Hi there guys and gals. what is typical wage for an operations manager for a general charter company? what is a typical wage for a chief pilot for a general charter company? thanks for your help!
  6. TCCA->FAA missed questions

    First one. No clue, second one pretty sure it's "a", less than 25 kts.
  7. For some reason i cannot post in the employment section. Capital Helicopters is seeking a pilot for the upcoming 2017 season. Based in Whitehorse Yukon, Capital Helicopters operates in the territories and Northern BC and therefore requires a pilot with extensive mountain experience. Pilot qualifications: - Minimum 1500 hours -Well versed in AS350B2 and Bell 206B -Mountain course Extensive experience with: -Drill moves -Forestry -Camp work The right candidate will posses the following qualities: Customer oriented, self motivated, the ability to work independently and also be a team player. Only those who meet the above qualifications will be considered for this position. Apply to: capitalheli@northwestel.net All resumes will be kept confidential
  8. Baaaack....

    It would be used more if it was part of the email like it used to be
  9. Up And Running Again

    Great, now i would get the forums on the bottom of the email like it used to be I would be very happy. The activity on the forums has almost died off since that change was put in
  10. Golf Ball Drop

    bambi bucket?
  11. Quebec Jail Break Video

    So 5 people. 2 of them on a line hooked to the skid.... Snappy 44
  12. Where Does A Lowtime Start?

    Don't go in to it with negative opinions. You just never know, right person, right time, making a good connection with the right person... anything is possible. I just walked into doors few years back, got a chance to help out, cleaned everything, cars floors, helicopters, offices, ops gear you name it. got Ppc'd and now full time. No one should listen to the people saying that there is none, you never know. If you are willing to work your *** off and don't expect anything you can only get happily surprised...
  13. Who Made This Swivel?

    Anyone knows what load limit there is on this swivel? I know the can am/dart one has 3000lbs is this the same? cant fint anything on it
  14. 407 Power Plus Stc....What Is It?

    isnt this just a way for the operator to use the derated engine to its full capacity? By applying it at altitude? What is the difference with the c47b and the c47/8 engine? a weak attempt to try to stay close to eagles engine mod?
  15. As350B2, Sd2, Or Fx2

    lets get new life in this thread. Love reading the opinion and experiences of others, lets throw in 407 and 407HP in the mix, anyone flown the HP? is it close to a b3 at altitude then?