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  1. "High concentrations of glyphosate or any other pest/herb/fungicide is bad for you." Who says? Tree huggers and university educated leftists? I and many other experienced crop dusters say otherwise.
  2. I have been spraying a lot of Round Up, Vision and other glyphosate products, just about every summer for the last 32 years. And I mean A LOT!! Nothing falling off of me yet and still getting a Cat. 1. I believe some people are more genetically at risk of getting cancer and for them, second hand smoke or a mouse fart could be all it takes to get the disease. I believe glyphosate to be one of the most important discoveries of our time and most of us should be thankful for cheap 2 X 4's at the building supply and cheap loaves of bread and boxes of cereal at the supermarket.
  3. 1988-1989 for me. Great course and a great instructor.
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