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  1. Anyone know much about this? From the HAC website HAC to Raise H1 Helipad Access Issues March 8, 2016 The Association has been receiving a flurry of calls both from operators and hospitals about helicopter access to H1 Helipads. Apparently, Transport Canada has been providing instructions to helicopter operators that under no circumstances shall a Single-Engine Helicopter or Class II Multi-Engine helicopter approach to land at an H1 Helipad even for the purposes of saving human life. Strictly applied, this would mean that a patient with life-threatening injuries would need to b
  2. https://www.chlcrewsupport.com/Files_PressReleases/Press_ReleaseNamechange-EN-April172012.pdf
  3. I see a seriously negative trend in people relying too much on technology to get them through the day, rather then learning on how to fly the darn thing. Yes technology has it's place. GPS/TCAS/Satellite tracking all is a godsend and improved safety/efficiency. An app that takes a student/pilots head out of the POH and into a phone, takes them away from learning to understand the relationship DA/PA has everything you do in an A/C, and that will carry over you go onto to bigger more complex A/C. After a few years of flying, and diligently looking up DA's, limits, etc, everyday, it becomes
  4. http://www.thestar.com/article/1122212--ornge-air-ambulance-design-risky-to-patients-top-doctor-discovers
  5. yes that pic was at it's lowest.....and highest. the stretcher goes on top of the pedestal to his right. and here's another view.
  6. http://www.ornge.ca/Media/Documents/OrngeVertical2011.pdf Page 4 No there's not enough room.
  7. http://www.flyingmag.com/aircraft/helicopters/eurocopter-flies-hybrid-helicopter?cmpid=enews100611
  8. You can take them at 500 hours, but remember they expire in 2 years if you haven't fulfilled the requirements to hold an ATPL. *There was talk or dropping this requirement, but I haven't heard the official word on this.* The HATRA might be a better option if you don't have anything lined up right away.
  9. oh my bad....are we talking AME talk here? disregard my post then.
  10. Like TTT mentioned, a solid VFR experience is very very beneficial in so many ways. Maybe target companies that do a bit of both? That's more/less how I got started in the IFR world. If you do your IFR straight out of school, DO NOT let it lapse. Considering your first IFR gig may not come in your first few years/decade, rewriting the INRAT would not be a fun experience.
  11. Truly disgraceful comments. Condolences to all those family's and friends affected.
  12. you are wasting valuable KB's on the internet back on track now....
  13. The know defects Transport Canada referrers to is the large pool of so called "professional" pilots, or as TC has dubbed "meat servo's" . Many of which are found here. As is evident in this thread, it's a recurring defect, but not at a particular power setting, airspeed, weight or altitude. The only communality between defective meat servos was when a keyboard and rum was placed infront of certain meat servo's, they turned defective. TC was hoping that while these particular meat servo's did not have said keyboard and rum, they'd operate as a serviceable item with a cyclic and coffee. Unfortun
  14. You have to go to "Reports" > "Summaries" > "Duty, Flight Limit and Days Off Report" > click on Generate and bam....you own me a beer which must be cold, and not crappy And that only works if you've been entering "Time on/off duty" Not just flight times.
  15. x2 to cpelton Logten Pro has built in FTDD I also run windows on my mac for company FTDD as Numbers doesn't process all the Excel formula's.
  16. I'm over it...carry on fine people I know we talked about in another thread earlier this year, but along with the right size tools to tear down your GPI pump, have something (piece of zip-tie for me) to use in the event your key goes south. I know it's not a tool, but I always had a chuck with my other goodies. As RH pointed out, make sure it gets replaces with an actual key when you;re back in civilization. Shawn
  17. It was sarcasm....I hope you that got out of it atleast The one liners were just flowing out of me on this one. See your post makes logical sense, where one would problem solve in an appropriate manner. I agree with you 100%. My point is that the 212 line had zero to do with anything even remotely related to this topic. Alright....I derailed this thread pretty good RTR has some good points on the appropriate "flow chart" so to speak, for problem solving in the bush. Back on topic....
  18. guess you shoulda got a motorcycle mechanic to do it.....you know the riders aren't to be doing their own maintenance....
  19. was that due to a pilot removing and reinstalling said fuel line?
  20. Doesn't always matter what a machine is "good at" Matters more how good the inputs are from the meat servo. I see this was a private operator. Without doubt the majority of robbie accidents are weekend warriors. Anyway we don't know what happened here.....engine failure? or was he eefing around with his buddy?
  21. well that's no good at all now is it.....
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