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  1. just an fyi, the B2 with VEMD has horn light on all the time until horn switch armed, running or not. It is just a reminder to turn on the horn switch. Not nearly so easy for troubleshooting.
  2. There is an Astar rgu that is still around I believe. Canadian got from Geddes Construction was ranger before I guess. Was a tough ol bird.
  3. I came in I think the year after he left. I never met him there but have met him since with lamas
  4. Don’t kill messenger but was started originally by Gordon Oliver, named Oliver Helicopters in Peace River, machine was 350D, GOLV. She is still around somewhere as BA. Gordon told me he put 1200 hours on OLV the first year. No idea the year. Nice light machine. Oliver Helicopters became Peace Helicopters owned by John Preddy and I think one other. Somewhere along the line John left and Adrian Erickson was owner. Northern Mountain began operating the company for bank and then bought the company. I was chief pilot from 95 or 95 until just before went bankrupt and took Peace along with. Like 2003
  5. I loved some of the old slogans that appeared on items from pamphlets to T shirts or whatever, done in fun; Liftair—“the happy hookers” picture of a Heli with longline Bow Helicopter- “There is nothing like a Bowjob” Shirley Helicopters- “a Bowjob is nice but not as good as a Shirley” Buffalo airways(I think a mistake)— fly with buffalo and never walk again(pic of a piper airplane on shirt) am sure are more. No disrespect meant just stuff from another time.
  6. Well been awhile since on here. I guess like most the boredom overtook me and began to speak(rip Kenny Rogers). Place has changed somewhat with format and “wins”. Some new names some old. I was pondering what the point of slagging companies and or pilots was? If for example you choose to unwittingly find yourself at a place that you signed on for that sucks because you don’t get a part time job for full time pay you may leave. I have always respected pilots who were upfront with their goals. I asked my buddy Clarence one time what his goal with the company was “work half as much and get pai
  7. with ibal you have to create new load stations for the shortened rear seat, sucks. It is great if you want temporary changes such as a different basket or such. But with a shortened rear seat it is permanent and thus when adding a different revision you have to make all the changes rather than just the install of duals etc. Saifans is nice, with the excel program in iphone now the powercheck, performance and now w & b programs are sweet.
  8. This is really nice. Is there any way to make changes to the actual c of g locations, such as the rear shortened seats which some ac have? Thank you!!
  9. Paravion out of Colorado sells them too.
  10. Onboard I believe sells the same ones as dart(Barry lines) Donaldson ropes sells it too I think. spiral lines are a bit of overkill. Don't have any and have never had issues.
  11. You may get a better response if you put down which ones you are thinking of purchasing and folks could then provide pros and cons for each. Otherwise it sounds like you are trolling or looking for someone else to do your research. You can always just buy a roll of the stuff and make your own, as from what I understand it is all amsteel blue and put together by various suppliers and some think they have invented the wheel.
  12. redundancy and altitude all measured by the same methods as this thread,,,,,how long is a piece of string.....
  13. Yes, until your engine quits and you do not have enough aft cyclic to get the nose up before you hit the ground infront of you......most "American" products will pitch nose down if you lower the collective for autorotation(especially the 500) and if your cyclic motion is limited it will be bad. As the loggers pointed out your option is to turn(even with use of pedals) to get the machine around which may be bad as well. I would tend to just fly it within its rate of climb limits knowing the aircraft should do as expected.
  14. To bad that hook is not certified for class c or d,,,,,to my knowledge that is.
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