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  1. with ibal you have to create new load stations for the shortened rear seat, sucks. It is great if you want temporary changes such as a different basket or such. But with a shortened rear seat it is permanent and thus when adding a different revision you have to make all the changes rather than just the install of duals etc. Saifans is nice, with the excel program in iphone now the powercheck, performance and now w & b programs are sweet.
  2. This is really nice. Is there any way to make changes to the actual c of g locations, such as the rear shortened seats which some ac have? Thank you!!
  3. Paravion out of Colorado sells them too.
  4. Onboard I believe sells the same ones as dart(Barry lines) Donaldson ropes sells it too I think. spiral lines are a bit of overkill. Don't have any and have never had issues.
  5. You may get a better response if you put down which ones you are thinking of purchasing and folks could then provide pros and cons for each. Otherwise it sounds like you are trolling or looking for someone else to do your research. You can always just buy a roll of the stuff and make your own, as from what I understand it is all amsteel blue and put together by various suppliers and some think they have invented the wheel.
  6. redundancy and altitude all measured by the same methods as this thread,,,,,how long is a piece of string.....
  7. Yes, until your engine quits and you do not have enough aft cyclic to get the nose up before you hit the ground infront of you......most "American" products will pitch nose down if you lower the collective for autorotation(especially the 500) and if your cyclic motion is limited it will be bad. As the loggers pointed out your option is to turn(even with use of pedals) to get the machine around which may be bad as well. I would tend to just fly it within its rate of climb limits knowing the aircraft should do as expected.
  8. To bad that hook is not certified for class c or d,,,,,to my knowledge that is.
  9. And I believe there is not a hook manufactured by onboard which is certified for class c either,,,,hmmm.
  10. Hmm, so class d,,,out,,,stc'd cargo racks for crews(class A) out, external cargo racks(class A) out????
  11. So without the cell plan it works fine? And I guess you get your updates thru wifi then? Excellent idea!
  12. Maury, interesting you think we need balls but should be like "REST OF THE PLANET" .....sounds like a realignment of balls is required as we do not need to be like anyone else as far as I can see or we are simply changing to change. Otherwise agree with your statement.
  13. Funny how in Canada it is called kissing a#s and other countries call it a positive attitude and positive service....hmmm.
  14. Same to you Phil and everyone else on here!: Paul Kendall
  15. hmm, you don't seem to listen to well so maybe get it checked! Ha ha.
  16. No worries Bif, I cannot for the life of me find any verification to back up my statement thus just old. It seems strange anr does not work for some people. But to be honest I won't use it for the same reason freewheel describes with their engine failure.
  17. I would depend upon the type of helicopter you are flying as to whether or not it makes sense to purchase. The anr systems work wonderfully for piston engines. The do not work so well with high frequency noise such as turbochargers or turbine engines. If I were to fly the md 500 series it would be worth it weight in gold as they have a huge noise issue from transmission and such right near your head. The astar series is about 92 or so decibels thus you can have that type of noise almost constantly. I found that in the astar you hear the compressor changing speeds and takes abit of getting used to. As far as reducing hearing loss, ANR does not help as the wave lengths of noise are still hitting your eardrum but the anr system transmits the opposite wavelength thus you brain does not register a "new" noise. Best bet is to purchase the cep kit and have actual noise reduction. Hearing abnormal noises is totally unknown as am not sure if anr would mask it or not but do not see why it would not thus is in my opinion why the cep kit is better.
  18. I have a hard time with foreflight trying to put in waypoints is there an easy way? Otherwise I like it.
  19. Ha ha...good one. Not going to answer that one sorry. One issue with longline hooks is that most of them have keepers and operators have had little option but to purchase hooks this way. And for example the canam C3 hook is listed for sale with Dart and comes with a keeper, if you phone them they will provide the same hook without a keeper for a slight charge. I think it is strange that the hook manufacturers have been in a cave ha ha by selling hooks with keepers while their belly hooks do not. Probably a disconnect between purchasing and operations. We use a keepered(word?) remote hook as well but have a locking keeper dead hook for most things other than our own nets and buckets which have proper sized rings.
  20. armadillo's work better according to the dukes of hazard!!
  21. Ground crew around the relay tank will probably be dryer than they are now! ha ha.
  22. Gives a new level to eat into then, eat your way into a medium,,,eat your way to heavy, NOW eat your way into a drone,,,,!!!
  23. Interesting stuff for sure Freewheel. So much of what I read on hooks can be explained by the ability(or lack of) to move or pivot and the direction the hook is orientated. The same hook on your Longranger is orientated laterally while forward on 350 sling and aft on 500D, go figure. Pilots should always know and understand the orientation of hook and the balance book of each. If you catch your bucket on a snag in water while pulling forward and the hook is orientated forward it is of utmost importance to comprehend the actions to release it. It will not come off while maintaining forward pull, and the use of aft cyclic will put the tailrotor into the water, you are in essence trapped if an aggressive motion is taken, thus any action you make needs to be carefully processed and acted upon. This comes into play when deciding whether to use a longline vs shortline to bucket and to bucket into current vs with current. Suddenly there are more questions which need to be addressed to make these decisions. We were sometimes taught to bucket with the current on shortline but if your bucket is snagged easing off pressure of line will not help the situation, while bucketing into the current and becoming snagged the pressure on line can be eased off and the bucket becomes less entrapped automatically,,,,but then there is the wind and sun and approach and departure to consider. Oh well.
  24. Sounds like a scary thing for sure. If the ropes were of proper synthetic material such as amsteel there would be no elasticity into rotors. If they were steel it is a miracle they did not come up(maybe they did and just missed stuff). There are many incident reports and accidents to research. I read one where the pilot was reeled in by sockline puller and could not release hook as the hook was pulled backward and the release knob was held immobile as was pulled into belly of aircraft. Interestingly the investigators(who knew their stuff) made very important note that the pilot had NOT put on a few wraps of tape around the longline plug as is customary and thus the plug came apart thus the longline hook was not able to be released. Pilot ended up upside down over hotline and then the aircraft fell to ground and pilot was killed. Freewheel, it is beyond me why anyone this day and age would have the improper size rings on a hook as this has been a very big point of explanation for decades. If someone does not know by now that there are issues with diameter of ring related to EACH and EVERY hook in manufacture they truly are living in a cave but kudos to you for trying to enlighten them. Did you know that the big old hook on swing hook for astar when a load is swung forward can have the keeper lifted by swing frame and the load will go forward and off, regardless of ring size. But many have had zero issues with these hooks and are happy with them.
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