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  1. The hatred displayed against naturalised Canadians also irritates me. I am one of those former TFW's that came here and became a citizen and i upgraded my qualifications here at my own expense and have been successful in life here. It takes a huge effort to do so. Those who have not done it have no idea of the effort. I addition i have worked for HTS since 2009 and found their machines to be in good order and no late paychecks. Wages have been ok, could have been better at times but i have done well most years with the work they had. You may not like them but they are well ahead of some compan
  2. I rarely comment on these forums but i have to make a point here. When i came here as a TFW 9 years ago, i brought with me a certain skill level that was required here in Canada. I had to convert my very foreign licence and adapt to the hugely different temperatures, terrain and people here. I did so successfully and became a citizen. I love this country but if my country had continued to work properly, i would have liked to visit but would have stayed at home. Others come and go. There are Canadians living and working in other countries, they could be said to be taking other people's jobs but
  3. PS My name is Tristan. Dave will recognise my name.Dave, your training sticks with me, you did a good job mate. I know i frustrated you a bit with my slow pick up Everytime i do an approach, i recite " the three things you need for an approach" Fly well everybody
  4. Hi, i wish to comment on both Dave and Alphadogs posts. They are both valid comments and i just want to add to them. Getting a twin rating is not necessary but most definitely helps! Speaking from experience, Dave did my first twin IFR training and he's correct in that it is a steep learning curve, however it can be done. For VFR pilots it is a big mindset change. Dave was used to the well polished IFR skill set of military pilots. VFR guys are harder work to train. However i continued and now have my ATPL(H) . Working for the air ambulance improved my IFR skills tremendously as did flying in
  5. I did my IFR, ATPL(H) and night at Heli-College Canada in Langley, they are very good! They also used Pro-IFR's book which i found to be very good as a refresher. I still use my copy 4 years later along with the Capgen.
  6. I have to make a comment here. I came from Zimbabwe and converted my licence to Canadian. I had to jump through a lot of hoops, etc to get here. I was paid the same as everyone, no more, no less. I did have some experience which was required. I became a landed immigrant within a year. I will be applying for citizenship this year. I think foreign pilots helped in the boom times and i have seen much less foreign pilots the last couple of years. We have a place in Canada, keeping the industry going. However, i have noticed that for the low timer, it is extremely tough, there are few stepping sto
  7. Heli-College, Lyle Watts,Langley. That's all you need to know. He will give you good training and you do a lot of the IFR training next door at the fixed wing school, which is very well equpped. I'm not sure of the US licence, but i would point out that Canadian instructors have more experience under their belt to start off with and that is going to have a bearing on your training. I think that as long as you get a good school, you will be fine and if you add the FAA licence to your arsenal, then it's a bonus.
  8. I went to Heli-College in Langley, that is a good place to start and they are very organized. Get the Canadian IFR if you want good training, but you do have to do an IFR ppc as captain on multi crew IFR machine if you want to get your ATPL. And that is required within two years of writing the exam. I had no multi time, but i got on a job and was given the rating. There is no way i could afford it myself and no reason to either, your IFR rating is more important than ME rating as it is harder to get. Make a plan and stick with it, ignore the naysayers. If i can do it, anyone can, just persever
  9. Sadly, two fellow pilots who i had worked with in the past were on board. Both very nice guys and one in particular, a very experienced and skilled individual who taught me how to long line on the Astar. They will be sorely missed! So sad, condolences to all at Bailey Helicopters and family members. RIP
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