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  1. Ya, you might be right. Nice one. I like how they opened with the definition of CRM and it clearly states 'crew members', however, we only need to be concerned with what comes after the word "shall" which is flight crew, like you pointed out.
  2. Thanks, thats how I was understanding it, I guess I just didn't want to believe it. Typical, a new TC reg, perfectly suited to fixed wing operators.
  3. I'm not trying to make the can of worms bigger, but just to clarify... For CRM purposes TC is only considering "crew" members to be those employed by the operator, correct? I only ask because according to their definition of 'crew member' the fire fighters I fly around looking for smoke are crew members, so are the guys doing the line patrol, the fire fighter hooking up the net, etc, etc. To say that all of those mentioned would have to take not only my operators CRM course but every operators CRM course that they fly with is well, you get the point.
  4. One of the best bits of advice I've ever been given was by a co-worker of mine when he looked at my resume. We were both in the process of looking for new jobs, and I had the flying job I had at the time, as well as all the other jobs I'd ever had on there. He said "you want to keep flying helicopters or build more decks and finish some more concrete? Get those other jobs off of there" He was right. Don't offer your accounting skills, or your self proclaimed spatial awareness (whatever that is), or your fantastic physicality (whatever that is) to your future employer, you're trying to ge
  5. It has nothing to do with provincial ambulance services, in my opinion,... What about a local SAR team using a B2 to fly an injured snow mobiler out of an avalanche? If the guy is dying why shouldn't that Astar be allowed to land at the hospital?
  6. Hey there, does anyone know of a place in North America where I could get a screen for a 296? I bough a refurbished unit from a guy on eBay. The screen is being temperamental at best. I called Garmin, it's over the 90 day warranty AND they no longer carry, sell or make parts for these units and they won't repair them either (as of November 2014). I found a few places in China on google but it would be nice to have 'local' dealer for parts and repair! Thanks!
  7. There was a thread on here awhile ago but I cant seem to find it. Is it possible to claim the cost of a new helmet at tax time? If so, how did you do it? Cheers
  8. I'm looking for an extension cord with an inline volume control. Anyone have one they would sell or know where to get one in Canada?
  9. What specifically did you find was poor about the quality Chopper Guy? Just curious as I'm looking at getting one myself. I talked directly to the dealer and from what he told me they sounded pretty good (obviously) but he also said they have a 30 money back deal... for any reason if a customer isn't satisfied they'll refund the helmet no questions asked.
  10. I worked for the taxable benefit place. Here's how it worked... Every month you would have $1000 put onto your pay check, get taxed on it, and have $1000 removed after taxes, E.I. etc. The house was nice.... but after it was renovated it had 10 bedrooms (very often all full) and 2 bathrooms. During the summer I was there the owner/operator imported/hired 5 mexicans (you can pay them less than minimum wage via some loophole, who also lived in the house sharing a bedroom and sleeping on the floor. There are reasons the front door there is a revolving one and its hard to find a Canadian accent in
  11. Thanks fellas, just wanted to make sure I haven't and wasn't about to break any rules. (customers were dead set on the Class D being required) I'll second your net suggestion, it is definitely the way to go Skidz. As for your humor... ya kinda funny. Haha
  12. I'm pretty sure I know the answer, and I'm also sure there is someone on here who can save me the time digging through CAR's to find it. If one is faced with the unpleasant job of recovering a body is a class D cert required?
  13. http://www.powdermag.com/stories/heli-club/
  14. Just wondering where folks are storing/transporting these back country avalanche packs (the rapidly expanding airbag type) when passengers bring them along. Thanks for any ideas
  15. Thanks, The website says that $1600 will get a no frills model. Is this not the case?
  16. There was a thread on here not long ago but I can't find it. I'm in the market for a new lid. Does anyone have any info/reviews or heard anything about these helmets? http://northwallflighthelmet.com/ Thanks
  17. Had a similar problem once a couple years ago. Cant recall what exactly it was... I thin the guy who solved it is on here... Find Helidude
  18. The problem we're talking about here in my opinion has nothing to do with schools. It's the government... I think everyone would agree on that. But on the school topic, I think there are a few things that could absolutely be changed to better prepare pilots just leaving school. For example, does anyone here really think that learning to use a 'whiz wheel' really prepares a new Canadian pilot for their first VFR job? I have a friend who is taking his license right now. He asked me if I thought it was a good idea to spend a couple extra hours and learn how to long line. I said no and explained t
  19. I took a dog on board the other day. Is that allowed or do they have to go in the basket now too? If so, what about 'professional dogs' like avalanche dogs or SAR dogs? On that note, I heard a story once about a dog that was not manageable enough to go inside the machine... long story short, dogs in baskets make for very very dirty tail booms
  20. Whitestone, Canada is a melting pot, unless you're from a "First Nations" background, you too, came from elsewhere. And give me a break...!!... Because we fly makes us no better than that person serving you your coffee or a 'goat herder' ... its a job, thats it! It is that it is a brutal industry to get into. Anyone who chose to get a license and didn't do their research prior... well, tough luck. As far as foreign pilots go, the first question most of them ask is "how much will I fly"... most Canadians ask "what do you pay, what is my time off" etc. Period! But more to the point, a c
  21. I'd pay $$ for a crapped out 296 just to get it sent out for re-furb.... the problem I see with tablets.... is where the F.... do you put them in a jet box or an Astar??
  22. It would be far more logical to dip the boot first, then add whiskey.... that way you don't risk losing any whiskey.
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