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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of how long the recovery time after laser eye surgery is. I know its not long at all for day to day life, but how long before you can fly again? Anyone have any experience with it or know someone who has had it done? Thanks.
  2. I'd side with iceman. The shoreline. No trees and probably a reasonably "flat" surface under the water.
  3. Because the thread started with somebody asking for opinions about Yellowhead?....just a guess.
  4. Whats the point?? It would take more time to get my phone out of my pocket, open the app and put in the info than it takes tilt my head back slightly and look at the placard... maybe I'm missing something here?
  5. That is some Funny funny **** right there! Well done MMike.
  6. By far the best snowboard video out to date... Yes, some very "extreme flying".... and some amazing flying. In my opinion, the pilot dealt with the icing situation you are referring to very well. He shut down, secured the machine, dealt with the ice and got out when he could. Note that he left on his own, so as to not put anyone but himself at risk, and he picked up the passengers at a better location. Would you not have done the same?
  7. The keypad is about the only handy thing on the 500's. But even to use that I cut the end off the finger on my glove so I could use it and hit the letter I wanted to. It was -3 the other morning and I couldn't use the GPS until the inside of the machine warmed up. Scrolling through weigh points is a royal pain in the ****! Buy a 296 while you can.
  8. Where can a guy get a hard copy of the book? Thanks
  9. I have an adjustable wrench in my bag that has a 4" handle but the jaw opens bigger than a regular 10". Saves a bit of space. The moving piece on the jaw can also come out and go back in 180 degees and will then work like a pipe wrench. Any good tool store will have one. A second fully charged cell battery is not a bad idea.
  10. Are we talking about tires now?? Im so confused....
  11. Sounds fair to me. What if the pay is hardly enough to live on? Just curious as to what an average hour mark is to start getting flight pay? What is the average/acceptable flight pay for a low timer? The feedback on here is great. Thanks.
  12. Good topic. I have also recently been trying to find some information on this and its not easy. Any feedback would be great!!
  13. i wonder how often 3 people post the same thing at the same time on here?? oops. good to know everyone knows where to find the info i guess.
  14. Permissible Low Altitude Flight 602.15 (1) A person may operate an aircraft at altitudes and distances less than those specified in subsection 602.14(2) where the aircraft is operated at altitudes and distances that are no less than necessary for the purposes of the operation in which the aircraft is engaged, the aircraft is operated without creating a hazard to persons or property on the surface and the aircraft is operated (a) for the purpose of a police operation that is conducted in the service of a police authority; ( for the purpose of saving human life; © for fire-fighting or air ambulance operations; (d) for the purpose of the administration of the Fisheries Act or the Coastal Fisheries Protection Act; (e) for the purpose of the administration of the national or provincial parks; or (f) for the purpose of flight inspection.
  15. I havent been in this industry long enough to get really involved in this forum, or start my own school for that matter... However, I have seen the financial part of a license come up a few times here. Ya its a lot of money to get a license... a **** of a lot of money... but it is far from "reserved for the rich and famous". Im far from both and somehow managed to scrape up JUST enough. Come on! If anyone really wants it bad enough they will find a way to make it happen! And to touch on the global thing... Yes some are low time guys, but nobody has gotten their 101st hour flying the traffic machine solo! some of the traffic pilots have in excess of 1000 hours. Oh, and the crusty guys on here that are "slamming those with dreams" have most likely been in this industry long enough to get crusty! (their opinions might may be worth listening to...) and they are probably coming accross as "unsuportive" because again, they have been around long enough to know what should and shouldn't be supported. only my opinion... hope this provokes at least a couple more posts cuz some are pretty **** amusing!
  16. I didn't read every post on here so im not sure if this has been said yet or not... There are only a very few select schools out there that hire their graduates. In my opinion they are often your best bet for getting the next few hours to make you a marketable pilot. Keep in mind that just because they advertise that they hire grads does not mean that they will hire ALL of them. Bust your *** at school and help out as much as you can in the hanger(without being anoying or kissing ***) and you will be one step ahead. good luck!
  17. Its really pretty easy. I looked into it myself lately but I dont have the hours to qualify quite yet. The website is a bit of a pain to navigate through... I just got to it through google... The base in Prince Rupert is currently taking applications for one available position. Although I am faily new to the idustry I think the wages are amazing! The requirements are 3000hrs turbine time... 2000PIC. Plus long line and all the other usual stuff. Hope this helps.
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