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  1. Then I might have met you coming through Regina in the early 80's with a 500D (Lakeland). You worked for Trans Canada?
  2. Canadore Bush Camp, White Lake. 1984..........some good times had there as well.
  3. I finally found this shot from our Canadore days back in '83/84. RIP Hubert!
  4. Now that's funny..........it was me that had to go so we had to cut it short!
  5. Don't give up Pott's. It's all good. Look forward to the segments. I had lunch this past weekend with an old colleague that gave me my first stick time (back in Churchill Falls Labrador back in about 83). Andre Vandrie...............we sat around Denny's this past Sunday for three hours while he told stories of stuff he'd done since I'd seen him last 20 years ago. Some guys got the talent for telling about their lives. You're one of those Potsy! Andre is one of those guys too. Keep it up.
  6. Never knew that Wayne had passed. Great guy, as they all were. http://www.yourlifemoments.ca/sitepages/obituary.asp?oid=802833
  7. Thought I had a hydraulic oil leak on my 407.....it was just the red liquid they use to coat my AFS leaking on the deck, then making its way outside and down the fuselage...... Now I need to look in m compressor???
  8. Personally, in my business I promote great ideas. Kudus to you for sharing. As much as I use velcro in a few areas, the heat kicks the crap out of adhesives. Keep the great ideas flowing and thanks for sharing the process. Thanks Saifan! Don't let negativity bring you down or prevent you from sharing ideas.
  9. Yeah, I know. A bit of a stretch there. Cheers
  10. We're planning a trip with clients in early June beginning from Calgary and on to Inuvik/Tuk then down the coast through Skagway/Juneau and the BC coast. There may be 3 helicopters in tow here (407, L3 and a R44). I'm just looking for some insight from the guys on the board who have experience in the areas of the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Given that we may need both Jet A and AvGAs, what routing would be best. Anything more than 250nm in the Robinson is pushing it should you have a headwind, the L3 isn't good for much more than that. Personally, my butt in the seat of a 407 has even less range before I could use a break 😉. High Level to Ft Simpson, 225 nm-should be good. Ft Simpson to Norman Wells, 260nm......gets a little tighter. NW to Inuvik, 243 nm. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with all this. I'd be ok in the 407, but any head wind would kill the other two. Carrying along some jerry cans is an option, but I was hoping to avoid carrying too much. I have a basket for the 407, and will be flying slower anyways to say with the pack, so that may be the answer to my question right there. Heading south from Inuvik, does Wiley (Eagle Plains) have fuel? I've been told they do, but I've also been told that you needed to arrange for it in advance. I could do Inuvik-Dawson no problem in the 407, but I worry about the others.I think once you hit Dawson, the fuel stops are more predictable I got some great help from some of the folks on this board the last time I did a trip. Some great info on where hidden fuel cache's are etc. Hoping to have that help again here. As well, if you have any "must see" stops along this route, I'm listening there as well (I've been searching Google Earth for some of these tourist stops. If you have a great restaurant stop, also interested in that. I've attached a screenshot of the route we are planning, but we are flexible. As well, the plans could change again if the R44 Owner wasn't able to join us, but at this point, I'll start planning for the chance that all three of us would be doing the trip. As well...........if you have places we should avoid (for whatever reason) I'd like to hear that as well. As well, you will see on the attached route, I've Googled "helicopter operators" and pinned their location on the route (more so in the Yukon). If you have any that I've missed, I'd certainly appreciate it. Especially on the route coming up fro Ft Simpson/Norman Wells.
  11. I may have found the solution. I didn't realize Ascent had a base here. Message sent.
  12. Anyone have an ideal spot where I could land in Fernie BC without raising a lot of fuss? I have an upcoming meeting and looking to fly instead of drive. Looking at September 20th, parking for about 2-3 hours. Thanks!
  13. I know this guy. No troll. He's got the chopper and boat, trust me. He didn't make it this far by flying choppers for a living. I think you should retract and apologize......
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