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  1. Yup, I see the error of my ways...........Good catch!
  2. Len McTaggart has got to be 90 years old??? Maybe he just looked older than he was when I worked around him 40 years ago 😉
  3. Thanks freck and 88is. I have found two options, Avialta and AOG. Like anything in Aviation, nothing is cheap 😉 . 3-5k depending on what they find. Cheers.
  4. Recently, my torque gauge is very dim when I first start up. Seems more noticeable in cooler temperatures. It always comes back with brighter LED's in about 10 minutes. It's probably not limited to a torque gauge problem, but probably inherent on all similar gauges. I've reached out to AOG services for an exchange unit. Any other sources you would recommend? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for that update. My trip a few weeks back got postponed (fuel leak in the boat). I head out on the 5th of Sept. I was still a bit concerned about getting through, but hopefully it's cleared up.....although this doesn't help all the pilots out there......
  6. Thanks a bunch. It sure looks like a great stop!
  7. Thanks Bif, most helpful. I got word that my buddy’s fishing boat got a fuel leak, so we’re pushing this back a bit. Great info everyone. Thx.
  8. Awesome Big Sky. Got it loaded to my Foreflight. Question, does it automatically update the fires once downloaded or do you kind of download the latest the day you are traveling? Thanks
  9. I'm taking a trip to Port Hardy next week (from Calgary) and have been watching the fires pretty closely. Are most of the helicopters fighting †here fires on 126.7? I'm betting they are communicating amongst themselves on another frequency, but I thought I would check what would be the most applicable frequency to monitor when getting nearer to the fires. Obviously we are not going to encroach the work areas, and we'll be checking notams etc. Thanks, and good luck on those fires.
  10. Amen to that Shakey! The chopper doesn't run on fairy dust 😉
  11. I have a message in to Lund and Painter's Lodge! A couple of us did stop by the Crow and Gate last year. I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. We are headed out from Calgary to Eagle Nook Lodge, south of Tofino for some fishing with clients. We will stop in Vernon for fuel, and have lunch at the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon. I'm looking for some ideas to 'over-night' on the coast somewhere. Maybe a helicopter friendly hotel, or just an interesting place to stay for some scenery, good food and a couple beers. We don't check in to Eagle's Nook until noon the following day. Gibsons, Seashelt, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach are all on the flight path. With the hot weather, we have plenty of time that day. I've always wan
  13. Aside from the Pacific Rim National Park thing (I got caught there once before too, that's another story), anyone ever land Downtown Calgary before. I have probably done so 50 times or more. On a warm evening, there can be 100 joggers, pedestrians, cyclists that hang around there watching me take off directly overhead as they stare. It doesn't matter if you depart east or west. I always laugh and tell my passengers as I spool up to wait and watch. The hats fly away and the skirts lift.
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