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  1. Aside from the Pacific Rim National Park thing (I got caught there once before too, that's another story), anyone ever land Downtown Calgary before. I have probably done so 50 times or more. On a warm evening, there can be 100 joggers, pedestrians, cyclists that hang around there watching me take off directly overhead as they stare. It doesn't matter if you depart east or west. I always laugh and tell my passengers as I spool up to wait and watch. The hats fly away and the skirts lift.
  2. Someone sent me this clip. How can you resist a nice beach 😉. https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/helicopter-landing-on-tofino-beach-probed-1.24161059?fbclid=IwAR0kYc_ZqGFHp21bTldHAKx00AtfubhhE4oDPIFA_JiZvKpCi3oGbVaZvLA
  3. The Jim Boyd that I worked for did retire from Ontario Hydro. I think he's still living in NB.
  4. I think Wcobra is pretty close here. I came from the Lakeland camp, then buying Ranger then buying Northstar era, only to go bust and then gobbled up by Canadian.
  5. My first gig out of Canadore was with Lakeland Helicopters, originally owned by Bob Garah. Decent guy, died quite a few years back. I'm not sure how the stars aligned, but Bob got involved with both Don Plaunt (Ramsay Airways) and a fellow named Jim Boyd (Jameson Helicopters). Don's family had money, owning the Sudbury Wolves and a local radio station. Don was a criminal lawyer as well as a flaming Homosexual. His "MO" was to get young boys out of legal trouble and make them 'dock boys'. You can't make this sh*t up. Just to give a little credibility to my story, many years after I left
  6. Rich, when did you work for Lakeland? I worked for them as well in the early 80's. Bob Garah was a decent guy, but the strings were pulled by Don Plaunt by the time I came on board. We went from 3 helicopters to about 23 in 1983 or 4.......then it all hit the fan, I went through flight school with Craig Huisson as well. Sorry to take away from the loss of a colleague here. RIP Rob.
  7. I just got word today that another Canadore classmate passed away after a short illness. A short while ago we lost our classmate Hugh Andrews, this morning it was Herb Johnston. Here is a note his wife sent me today. Herb could make us laugh like no other in college. It's pretty evident his son Brook has the same sense of humour as the old man!: "Hello, this is Angella . We have some sad news to share about Herb... He passed away early this morning . I have attached the lovely note our son Brook composed to honour Herb's memory. Herb Johnston passed in his hometown of Alm
  8. I was doing the same kind of work in 1984 (inertial nav), my last gig in the business. I was wrenching with Lakeland back in those days. I got to work all night since the chopper flew from sun up to sun down. A 500D on the Prairies. Some 'big-***' gyro operated box in the rear compartment that use to take an hour to get spinning before you could lift off. I'm betting an iPhone could do the job of all those gyros now
  9. Then I might have met you coming through Regina in the early 80's with a 500D (Lakeland). You worked for Trans Canada?
  10. Canadore Bush Camp, White Lake. 1984..........some good times had there as well.
  11. I finally found this shot from our Canadore days back in '83/84. RIP Hubert!
  12. Now that's funny..........it was me that had to go so we had to cut it short!
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