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  1. Hi Jason,

    Its Paul, I will be in Kelowna on Tuesday around 10:00am to 13:00 can I meet you to look at the GPS

  2. Ladies and Gents, I like to read but rarley reply to the posts that come up on this site. In this case I feel compelled to express my deep concern about the activities mentioned above. A student pilot of 50 hours should not be left to a 200 longline in the hills. It's truley not a position that would be considered safe or productive in the learning process. Posting that you are involved in this type of scenario clearly illustrate the over confidence you have at this point in your training. This is a red flag for people that hire pilots. I am one of them. This industry whic
  3. Rob Wood is a very good instuctor, with plenty of operational experience as well as instructor time. Rob has a talent with comunication, he can get a point across and the student will understand and retain the info. This is a great quality to poccess when your in his end of the industry. I think a potentail student should go talk with Rob prior to making a decision on training. As far as his new school on Pitt,,, it will become a premier school for helicopter training. Check him out.
  4. OK BOYS I'VE READ ENOUGH. WHAT ABOUT HE GREEN CARD or visa to work down there. Anyone have any luck getting one of those bad boys???
  5. Nas is looking for some pilots to fill in some gaps. If your looking for a short term flying job I would check them out. I think the CP is Todd.
  6. I'm looking for anyone who owns or has owned a cfg gallet helmet. I'm thinking of buying one. Is this a good thing?
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