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  1. Vector Aerospace in Langley,BC sells the Gallet LH 250's. Thats where a lot of West Coast Pilots I know have been getting them. Pretty good price and they can do the David Clark set up. I would reccomend them over using a company in the USA, in case you have any issues plus you save on shipping etc. I also think they are the only ones to install the DC package.
  2. Talked to Vector and Merit, only a $100 CAD difference, plus I get the better package in the Gallet Vector Helmet. Had no problems, they had lots of stock, got my helmet the next day. Talked to Jody and Rob at Vector, both awesome. I noticed the difference in the David Clark compared to a buddy's helmet.
  3. thans for the info!!! Merit tells me they aren't allowed to ship to Canada anymore, dealship only for the US.... sucks. I think Vector may work better just incase I ever need anything fixed. Plus I like the David Clark better. Not sure who to contact there, when I called think I talked to one of the Tech's there, he seemed Technical. hahahaha
  4. I called Merit Apparel, they can't ship to Canada. Online thier pricing seems to be on par with Vector (who quoted me 2300 CAD), depends on exchange rates too. Generally the same options as Vector, Hush kit etc.... The Vector- David Clark Comm package seems better. Anyone bought one of these???? I sort of like them better than the Gentex but I haven't heard much about them!!!!
  5. I called the Avionics shop over there. Basically I was verbally qouted $2300 CAD, which included David Clark "comm" kit and a dual visor. Good price? I haven't really looked around yet....
  6. Vector Aerospace in Langley has Gallet helmets, how come no one knows this? I thought they were only available in the USA?
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